Friday, November 27, 2015

A Movie on Black Friday

Not one to enjoy shopping in huge crowds, my hubby and I decided to go to a movie matinee today instead. 

I had been seeing TV advertisements for the movie, Brooklyn [released at select theaters on November 4th, and nationwide on November 25th], and it looked like my kind of movie.

The 2015 historical period drama is based on the 2009 award-winning novel of the same name.  

Eilis [pronounced AY-lish] Lacey [played by the Irish actress, Saoirse Ronan] is a young Irish immigrant who comes to Brooklyn, New York in the early 1950's for a better life and future.  

With Eilis being Irish, there are several tea scenes. The movie begins in Ireland [Enniscorthy] before Eilis comes to Brooklyn.

There's romance when Eilis meets an Italian plumber at an Irish dance.

Eilis gets a job at an upscale Brooklyn department store.  The Internet photo below is in the department store employee lounge.  Notice the large tea kettle in the background.

The fashion designer for the movie [Odile Dicks-Mireaux] said she and her team spent a fair amount of time letting down vintage skirts and dresses to meet the appropriate tea-length hemline of the early 1950's, and she stated tea-length skirts are back in style again for 2015!

It's a GREAT movie, and I highly recommend it.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was enjoyable.  15 of us gathered at my son's house - our entire family except for one granddaughter - and we all got to see Tiffany's new puppy, "Ollie."

Below are a few photos my hubby took on Thanksgiving Day.  My tongue was assisting in cutting the turkey breast.  Jerry loves catching his subjects off guard.  ;-)

[L-R:  Granddaughter, Brooke, Daughter-in-law, Sharon, Granddaughter, Brianna]

[My son, Steve, and Me]

With the leftover Thanksgiving turkey I made turkey chop suey for lunch today - one of my favorite ways to use up the leftovers.   What do you make with your leftover turkey?


  1. Phyllis, I hate shopping and would *never* go on Black Friday! The matinee was a good thing to do. My husband did that yesterday, went to see The Intern. I plan to see it soon and have now added Brooklyn to my list of must-sees. Sounds great (I'm all about tea!). Just FYI, I'll be posting a tea giveaway next Thursday (and I posted a ThermoWorks giveaway this week). Isn't tea grand?!

  2. I never shop on Black Friday for Christmas, though I have grocery shopped on that day! Your Thanksgiving looks like it was fun, and anytime family can gather is special, especially as the kids get older!

    You've got me intrigued with that movie!


  3. So glad you could get together with out family to celebrate this special time. I was thankful to have all three of my children home with me. And I am glad to read your movie review, this sounds like one I would enjoy.

  4. Thanks for the movie recommendation (I don't do Black Friday either), and I enjoyed seeing Thanksgiving photos of your beautiful family!


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