Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gettysburg and a Downton Tea at Sweet Remembrances

After leaving Frederick, Maryland, Mary Jane drove on to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There was a lot of activity for a Thursday, and we learned they were celebrating the 150th Anniversary of General Robert E. Lee's surrender in the Civil War.

We parked the car and visited an old church [Christ Lutheran Church founded in 1835] that doubled as a Civil War hospital.  We browsed in a couple of shops, and I purchased a necklace with a teapot charm.

We only had time to see a few historic sites in Gettysburg.  Aren't the two statues below lifelike? 

We left Gettysburg and traveled to Mechanicsburg, PA where we had 6:00 p.m. reservations for a sell-out Downton Abbey tea at Sweet Remembrances tea room.  

~ Our table ~

~ Fresh Flowers ~

Angelica is the proprietor's niece, and was one of the servers.  Since it was evening I drank herbals throughout the tea.

We were served effervescent strawberry shrub when we first arrived, and it was delicious.

~ Pear and Walnut Salad with Parmesan Balsamic Dressing ~

Savories: [beginning at 12:00 o'clock position] Lemon Herbed Egg Salad with Asparagus; Savory Olive Cheese Triangles on Whole Wheat Bread; Cucumber Sandwich; Poppyseed Apple Chicken Salad in Pastry Boats; Ham and Cheese Muffins; Carrot Sandwich Rounds on Whole Wheat.

Traditional English Cream Scone; Orange Glazed Poppyseed Tea Bread;  Mascarpone filled Strawberry; and Kiwi and Orange Slices.

~ Lavender Butter Cookie; Lemon Coconut Cake; and Sticky Toffee Pudding ~

Following the tea, Janet Young [pictured below] presented a program, 'Entertaining the Downton Abbey Way.'   

It was great seeing Nancy Reppert [the owner] again.   Kudos on a great tea! 

Mary Jane drove us back to our hotel in Washington, D.C.  By the end of the day she had driven over 350 miles.  Thanks, Mary Jane!  You're the BEST!  

End of day #3 of Washington, D.C. trip.


  1. What a fun day! That Downton Abbey tea at Sweet Remembrances looked amazing. Such nice adventures you had.

  2. What a treat to go to Nancy's. A beautiful tea room and thanks for sharing this posting and photos. I see you drank herbal tea. One night I had one of the Republic of Tea's herbals with chocolate in it. I was so wired I couldn't go to sleep.

  3. You are my type of friend! I love your trip and am enjoying it right along with you as I read about your adventures. Maybe I will get to go to some of these places someday as my son lives in Silver Spring, MD. I love your sharing. Thank you so much.

  4. These are some of my favorite places to travel. I just love having tea at Sweet Remembrances.

    1. and I love sitting down to tea with you at Sweet Remembrances!

  5. So happy to welcome you, Sandy, Linda, and Mary Jane back to Sweet Remembrances! Looking forward to the next time!

  6. Beyond jealous here. You got to visit with Mary Jane AND Nancy AND enjoy a Downton Abbey tea on this day? Sheesh. Life is sooooooo not fair. ;)

  7. It was such a pleasure to welcome you, Linda, Sandy, and Mary Jane to Sweet Remembrances for the Downton Abbey Tea. I'm so glad you were able to fit this into your schedule, Phyllis!


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