Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tea Themed Clothing

If you're a tea lover, then you're probably like me and enjoy acquiring tea themed clothing - whether for sleeping or lounging around the house, or for wear outside the house.

On February 18th I received an e-mail from England's Cath Kidston, featuring two tea-themed tops.  They're so cute I couldn't bring myself to delete the e-mail until I blogged about them.  

The model is wearing the Knit Teapot Jacquard Cardigan which retails for $104.00

It also comes in a "Jumper" [pullover] at the same price.

I drooled over both of them, but didn't order either! 

When my girlfriend, Lori, came over yesterday she brought me a new pair of adorable tea-themed pajamas, so now I don't feel so bad about not getting Cath Kidston's tops!  ;-)

Below is the short-sleeve lavender top made of soft, comfy cotton.

The capri length bottoms are a print of teacups, sugar bowls, and creamers.  The brand name is June & Daisy.  If you'd like a pair of these cute pj's, hurry over to your nearest SAM'S Club.  

Lori said she bought a pair for herself and then thought, "I'll bet Phyllis would like a pair too." So she went back and got one for me.  What a thoughtful friend!  Thanks, Lori! You were right - I do like having a pair!


  1. Oh, I just love those Cath Kidston pieces ... and will look for them on sale on eBay in about a year. ;)

    The PJ's are too cute, and Lori was so sweet to get you a pair! I just got new tea-themed PJ's from Walmart which you have reminded me I should blog about too!

  2. Your new pj's are cute and Lori was thoughtful to pick up a pair for you as well. They are the best colour to have too! :-)

  3. I do like the Cath Kidston cardigan, but it's a bit pricey for me! The pj's are adorable and I expect you will enjoy wearing them. I have enjoyed my pink ones from WalMart this winter - and my granddaughter enjoyed seeing the "Beebots" (teapots) on them. What a blessing to have a friend like Lori!


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