Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tea Capes

While browsing  E-bay last night I stumbled upon a tea garment I didn't know existed - Period Clothing Tea Capes.   Have you ever heard of them?

Description: "Classic capes that can be worn with period outfits to top off any blouse or dress. They were always worn after 2:00 p.m. on a daily basis."

I tried to research them on the Internet, but nothing came up for tea capes.  If you know anything about them please share.  I'm always intrigued by clothing worn at tea time!

There are six lovely handmade tea capes for sale at $20 each - a very reasonable price.  

Looking forward to any information you may have!


  1. Hmmm....those are new to me, too. They look as if they would help keep the neck and shoulders warm, and maybe keep spills and drips ( of tea?) off one's garments.

  2. Phyll, The first two brought to mind the lace collars we bought several years ago. I think you had a black one and a white one. I still have mine. Not the same thing but it made me think of them.

  3. Tea gowns, yes. Tea capes, no. So please keep us updated if you learn any more -- I'm intrigued!

  4. What an interesting mystery!

  5. PS - You might try Val (she's on ATAA) and her costume guild.


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