Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pure Leaf Tea

Do you drink Ready-to-Drink [RTD] teas?  They are one of tea's fasting growing market segments because of convenience.

Pure Leaf, RTD tea by Lipton, is a sponsor for Food Network's Chopped program.  A few Sunday nights ago on Chopped there was a commercial for Pure Leaf, where a bottle was actually included in "Open Your Basket" for a dessert preparation.

[Internet photo of Chopped Host, Ted Allen]

[Photos courtesy of Pure Leaf's Facebook page]

I don't typically drink RTD teas, but the TV commercial piqued my interest, so I went on-line to see where I could find it in my area.   Target came up in the search, and sure enough when I visited the store I found six packs of Pure Leaf Lemon flavor, in stock.

My hubby and I both liked it very much.  Pure Leaf, made from fresh brewed tea, is available in nine flavors:  Unsweetened Tea, Sweet Tea, Extra Sweet Tea, Lemon Tea, Green Tea with Honey, Peach Tea, Raspberry Tea, Diet Lemon, and Diet Peach.

If you haven't tried it, look for it in your area and give it a try.  I think you'll like it!


  1. Very neat! This is my "go to" summertime beverage for those days that we are driving to our cabin. We stop at a corner grocer in a tiny town in the midst of huge wheat fields. I buy the unsweetened --- and then add a packet of NuNaturals stevia when back in the car --- and enjoy it the rest of the way to the mountain. This is a tasty tea.

  2. Those sound good. I have drunk the other Lipton RTD, but not this one. This one sounds like it might be better quality.

  3. I will have to make a trip to Target!


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