Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paula Deen is Coming to Detroit!

I like Food Network's description of Paula:  "Start with one part Southern charm, add a dash of "hey y'all" and pour in a bountiful dose of cooking expertise, and you have the recipe for Paula Deen."

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I have been watching "Paula's Home Cooking" and "Paula's Best Dishes" on the Food Network channel for at least ten years.  I remember when Paula shared her wedding to Michael Groover on the Food Network Channel... the tea sandwiches she prepared when she met Jamie's fiancée’s [Brooke] parents for the first time... and when her first grandchild, Jack, was born.  And now there are two grandsons.

I have her cookbooks and magazines, as well as a notebook full of recipes that I've printed out from the Food Network website after watching one of her shows, as well as recipes from her E-newsletter.

I like her cooking style because it isn't complicated, and most of the recipes call for ingredients that are usually in my pantry and refrigerator.

I recently read in Paula's E-newsletter that she was coming to Detroit.  St. John Providence Health System is sponsoring the event to be held at Motor City Casino Hotel's Sound Board theater, on April 25th.

I asked my girlfriend if she was interested in attending the cooking demo with me, and she said yes. So my hubby and I drove down to the hotel/casino this past weekend with a two-fold purpose: routing my return visit, and purchasing tickets at the box office.  They had just opened up a section of tickets, enabling me to get first row balcony seats.

While Paula's emphasis isn't on tea, she has several recipes for iced tea, scones, and tea sandwiches.  And many of her recipes can easily be adapted for "dainty" tea party food.  

I'll be sure to share Paula's upcoming show on my blog, so watch for the post.  

Have any of you been to one of Paula's cooking demonstrations?  It'll be my first, so I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I'm sure you'll have a blast - Paula is a lot of fun. I haven't seen her in person but I've been to The Lady and Sons in Savannah - didn't have time to wait in line to eat but did shop a bit at the attached store - and accidentally MET her older son at the Pizza Hut where we did eat lunch. He said "Hi, y'all" just like he does on TV! :-) I enjoy watching her show and I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing her in person.

  2. Exciting! A great opportunity! I haven't been to one of her shows, but I enjoy her cooking program and have watched it for a long time. I remembered the things you mentioned. :D

  3. You are so right - personality plus! I have never seen her in person...what a thrill for you!

  4. How exciting for you! Enjoy! I know you will.
    I enjoy watching Paula Deen when I happen upon her on TV, but am just not a cooking personality fan of any one chef. I can imagine she will put on a good show.

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    So very glad you and your friend can attend Paula Deen's show! I've never seen her in person, but know it will be so much fun! Yes, we are back home! Lots of snow as you can see in todays post, but hopefully it will go soon. It is so good to be home!!! I mailed a package out to you this afternoon, so hopefully you will receive it Thursday or Friday.

  6. I'll bet you will have a great time! A friend of mine went to one of her shows and got to present Paula with some brownies she had made, and Paula was so kind to her about them!

  7. Ummm....I have cooked at the same cooking shows as she has, although I am on a different stage and I have met her personally a few times. Monica Miller, who had a large tea convention in Boulder CO a few years ago, used to baby-sit for Paula's niece who was in the Deen-Groover wedding. Monica is from the Albany GA area and IMO can cok even better than Paula and certainly can do tea.



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