Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Red and Pink Transferware

Before October 1st, 2012 I didn't own a single piece of red/pink transferware. Seeing beautiful pieces on blogs such as Aiken House and Gardens and Rose Chintz Cottage, an interest in the dishes began to evolve.

I bought my first piece - an Alfred Meakin teapot in the Tonquin pattern - on October 1st.

My second piece was purchased in November - an Alfred Meakin milk jug.

The third piece, an E-bay purchase, was an oversized "Breakfast Cup" by Alfred Meakin in the Tonquin pattern.  Now it was an "official" red transferware collection!

I soon found another breakfast cup by a different manufacturer in a different pattern.

In January of this year I purchased two miniature tureens with trays, perfect for individual servings of soup.

A couple of weeks ago I got two Johnson Brothers teacups on E-bay in the "Old Britain Castles" pattern.

I found eight dinner plates in the Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles" pattern at the Christmas Tree Shop, for the great price of $3.99 each.  The footed gravy boat and platter came from Home Goods.

The Christmas Tree Shop had round salad plates as well.  I found the square/round salad plate on the left at an antique store.

I don't have enough to set a complete table with red/pink transferware yet, but I'm definitely on my way!  


  1. You are indeed well on your way, and it is going to be a lovely table!

  2. These are beautiful - looks like you are well on your way! I don't have any but admire everyone else's!

  3. I know you are having fun growing this collection! I also know you will set a beautiful table with these. :-)

  4. It's beautiful, Phyllis! Enjoy padding your china cabinet with beauty!

  5. Dear Phyllis,
    I love it all. Beautiful and feminine and timeless. I never tire of looking at it. The Tonquin pattern is what I have in New York. It was my mother's and it is in blue and white which I also never tire of. Enjoy your search for more. What fun to have something to hunt for.
    Cheers, Ruthie

  6. You definitely are on your way. Since I don't need alot of china and have no place to store, I am just focusing on different transferware teacups. Oh but I would love one milk jug and have one teapot. How fun to see your collection. It is lovely!

  7. Hi Phyllis,
    Love seeing your red transferware collection! You got a wonderful start! I probably told you I started collecting the red transferware late last winter and I was lucky to find quite a bit of it here in Florida this winter very reasonably priced. I'll have to put together a post so we can share our finds!

  8. Yes you are on your way! And what a great collection you've got. Since I've followed from the first, I'm amazed by how quickly this all has come together. Lovely!

  9. Oh, how lovely, Phyllis! You have some gorgeous pieces! I see very little of it here on the Island {I think Carolyn got it all ;)} so I will have to get back on ebay again. You are well on your way, my friend!



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