Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Collection of Tea Angels

It is said that three or more of something constitutes a collection, so yesterday I "officially" began a  collection of tea angels.
The angel on the left is a Willow Tree Angel called, "Angel of the Kitchen - Warm Comfort Between Friends." 
Susan Lordi is the designer of Willow Tree sculptures offered by Demdaco.  Her studio is in Kansas City, Missouri.
The original of each Willow Tree figure is sculpted using a special sculpting clay.  Then the original is sent to a factory in China to be cast in resin that exactly captures each knife mark.  The resin is cured and each piece is individually hand-painted with lead-free paint.
The middle angel is a 2002 "Angel of Hospitality - Teapot" [there is a newer Hospitality Angel holding a pineapple].  It is made of stone resin.
Jim Shore is the designer of these angels, licensed by Enesco Group, Inc.  He grew up in South Carolina, the son of artistic parents who instilled in him a love for American folk art.

I like that both designers associate tea with friendship and hospitality.
My newest angel arrived in yesterday's mail.  It came from a fellow blogger and tea lover in Canada [who in my opinion is an angel herself!].  I was reading a post at Lavender Cottage, written on August 6th, where Judith shared a photograph of her lovely "Time for Tea Angel."   She mentioned it was designed by Betty Singer.   I immediately went on-line to see if I could find one, but had no luck.   I commented to Judith that I liked her angel, and had searched in vain to find one.  To my delight she wrote back and said she had bought two angels at the Royal Doulton store and would be willing to sell me her extra one and ship it to me if I'd like her to.   I definitely took her up on her very kind offer.
Betty Singer is a renowned Canadian artist who designs angels, tree ornaments, and home and garden decor. Her designs can be found in stores across Canada.  Her original design work begins at her home in Brampton, Ontario.  The faces on her angels are reminiscent of her three daughters.
Isn't the "Time for Tea" angel lovely?  She's ceramic, and is part of the "Angels Among Us" Collection.
All three tea angels are stamped on the bottom, "Made in China."  I thought that was fitting since China is the birthplace of tea.
Do you have a tea angel collection?  I'd love to hear about it, and become aware of new tea angels to add to my collection.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy the three that I have.
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  1. I have the Willow Tree and Jim Shore ones, too! Will have to check the Royal Doulton outlet store next time I'm down that way (it's about an hour's drive from me) to see if they have the little beauty with her cup of tea. I have a good many angels so the ones with teapots/teacups are a kind of sub-collection for me. (and they're some of my favorites!)

  2. Your collection is lovely Phyllis and I do believe you were meant to have the 'Time for Tea' angel. I really believe (in angels) and that being at the right place, at the right time for people brings good things.

  3. What a fun tea angel collection. I have the one on the left in fact I have two of them, as they have been thoughtful gifts.

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    What sweet angels you have. My sister gave me the Willow angel a few years ago for my birthday, and she is the only angel I have with tea. I have a set of three different Wildflower angels that were popular a few years ago. They were made by Demdaco. Thanks for sharing your angels.

  5. Phyllis:
    These are darling - come link them to Tea In The Garden please!

  6. I love your collection, and how wonderful of Judith to help you acquire that newest angel! She is angelic indeed!


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