Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cristy's "Oriental Cherry Blossoms" High Tea

"Oriental Cherry Blossoms" was the very first tea of Cristy's that I attended in April 2011.  A  friend told me about the teas and invited me to attend.  Cristy had two openings so my dear friend, Lori, went too. 

[L-R:  Me, Lori & Linda - the lady who told me about Cristy's Teas.]
It's evident that Cristy enjoys hosting the tea parties.  She plans them months in advance and her tablescapes are an art form.   I'm not certain a tea can be fully appreciated  unless an individual has  personally hosted one to know all the planning and work  involved.  Cristy's teas are a combination of passion, creativity, and a  labor of love.   While expenses may be covered, the hours of work definitely aren't.  
My inspiration, motivation, and reward always comes from seeing  others enjoying and appreciating  what I've done, and I'm certain it's that way with Cristy too.   Kudos to you, Cristy!
View of the lovely Oriental tablescape from Cristy's staircase.  Talent runs in the family because Cristy's mom painted all the Oriental silk screens that were displayed at the tea, which helped carry out the theme.
Cherry Blossom Centerpieces
My place setting.
Menu booklet that Cristy scrapbooked for each guest.
Lori and I are both in our places, with bright, smiley faces!  ;-)
First Course:  Dried Cherry Cream Scones
Spring Vegetable Broth
Second Course: Teriyaki Chicken Salad in Wonton Cup
Overnight Asian Salad
Lemon Rice Salad

Third Course:  Puff Pastry Cherry Blossom with Vanilla Ice Cream
Tealightful Treasures teas served were:  Cherry Rose Petals [flavored, organic Japanese Sencha green tea] and Ginger Peach Black Tea.
It was truly a tealightful afternoon!
Tomorrow's post will be Cristy's Tuscan Autumn Aura High Tea.


  1. Another lovely tea! Cristy does a beautiful job each time.

  2. Cristy definitely has a passion for these teas, it just shows in every little detail. The color and the food are just delightful.

  3. W-O-W! I don't even aspire to something like this! But she definitely has the touch, doesn't she? If only we had her here in Georgia, sigh!


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