Saturday, June 8, 2019

Michigan Brides, Etc.

I was recently contacted by a retirement community in Dearborn to do a presentation on Saturday, June 22nd.  The subject they chose was Famous Michigan Brides - probably because the month of June is associated with weddings.

I'm not famous, but I was a Michigan bride in June 1966.  It's hard to believe 53 years have gone by so quickly!  I wasn't into tea when I got married, but if I would have been this cake surely would have tempted me in place of the traditional wedding cake!  ;-)

Two of the famous Michigan brides I'm going to focus on are Eleanor Lowthian Clay Ford [1916] and Frances Matilda Dodge Johnson [1938].  Both brides were related to auto magnates, Henry Ford and John Dodge. 

In 2012 my girlfriend and I attended the annual Holiday Walk at Meadow Brook Hall where the theme was Puttin' on the Glitz.  It showcased Frances Dodge's wedding.  Since the ceremony took place in the mansion's Living Room, Frances' and Matilda's [her mother] gowns were displayed in that room.  No photos could be taken, but the two pictures below were in the printed handout booklet [which wasn't copyrighted]. 

Frances' gown was ice blue and her attendants gowns were various shades of blue with the exception of her maid of honor who wore rose taffeta.  The gowns were custom made by Peggy Hoyt of  New York City.  500 guests attended the wedding.

In 2017 Meadow Brook published a book about Frances Dodge and her equestrian accomplishments, titled Riding on the Edge

It's been on my book list ever since it came out, so I called Meadow Brook this week to see if the book had a chapter about Frances' wedding.  I was delighted when they told me chapter 6 is entitled Wedding Bells.  

I drove over to Meadow Brook on Thursday to purchase my copy.  I always love going to Meadow Brook Hall, and am so grateful I got to do two tea presentations there.  Matilda Dodge Wilson hosted many teas at the mansion when she lived there.

Portrait of Matilda Dodge Wilson that hangs in the foyer of the mansion.  I wasn't able to take the photo without getting the reflective glare of the chandelier across the hall on the portrait.

The book I acquired has six pages of great information about Frances' wedding that I'll be able to incorporate into my program, so it was well worth the drive to Rochester.

By the way, the traditional month of June for weddings is said to date back to the Middle Ages when couples were still somewhat clean from their annual spring bath, and fresh flowers were in full bloom to mask body odors.  Yikes!  Thank heavens for indoor plumbing!  ;-)

Now that I'm working, I don't have much time for Facebook, but Thursday night while looking for something else, I stumbled upon a photo a friend had posted of a teapot lamp that was for sale at a downriver resale shop.  It just so happened my hubby was going downriver on Friday to have lunch with his brother, so I asked him if he'd stop by the resale shop to check out the lamp.  It would make a great anniversary present!  ;-)

[Facebook Photo]

Turns out the resale shop was right next door to the restaurant where my hubby and his brother were having lunch.   He inspected the lamp and found it in pristine condition, and bought it for the great price of $35.  I didn't like the lampshade, so I went to the lampshade shop this morning to buy a new one.  The new shade cost more than the lamp, but it was worth it because it really dressed up the lamp.  Here it is [below] with its new shade in its new home.

I'm not a gardener, but I like watching the progress of the kitchen and vegetable gardens The Whitney kitchen staff planted behind the mansion.  On most days when I arrive at work [around noontime] I'll find the chef out there tending the gardens. We're going to use the mint to garnish our Lavender-Rose iced tea.  Do you have a kitchen garden?

Just before I left for work yesterday the postman delivered a jury duty summons.  This will be my third time for jury duty.  I don't mind doing my civic duty, but this seems a bit repetitive. Have you been called for jury duty multiple times?  The irony is my husband would love to be a juror, but has never been called once.

Today is a pleasant 79 degrees day in southeastern Michigan with a slight breeze and clear skies. A perfect day for Tiger baseball at Comerica Park.  The Tigers are playing the Minnesota Twins at 4:10, but my two sons and grandson, Landon, got there early and went down on the field.  


[Jeremy and Landon]

Go Tigers!


  1. Growing up in Macomb County I never was called for Jury Duty. But when I moved back to my home town in southwestern Michigan I have been called more times than I remember - I think it has been 6 times in the 22 years I have lived back here. One thing about turning 70 last fall was that I can now refuse any further Jury Duty responsibilities and I plan on taking advantage of that. As you said, I don't mind doing my civic duty but enough is enough. Love your lamp.

  2. I LOVE that lamp! I'm so glad it was still there for Jerry to purchase. Good luck with the jury duty. I've been called several times, I don't mind serving but it's not always at a convenient time.

  3. Love the lamp. New lamp shade is much better. Looks nice on the sofa table. I agree on the jury summons. The last one I received, I put in the comments that I was schedule for hip replacement surgery and did not hear back. Thank the Lord.


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