Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday News

Summer has finally arrived in Michigan with temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's. When the day lilies begin to bloom it's proof summer's here.  I'm not a gardener so day lilies are a good choice for me - they're hearty and like hostas are practically impossible to kill. When I looked out my doorwall and saw a couple of them blooming I couldn't resist taking a picture.

The postman delivered two tea orders yesterday from Simpson and Vail and Harney and Sons.  

Simpson and Vail will provide my green tea for awhile - Emerald Green Earl Grey and Lemon Ginger.  I had the Lemon Ginger for breakfast this morning and it was yummy.  I'm trying to drink more green tea than black tea.

The Harney & Sons box contained Paris blend - a flavored black tea.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't order Queen Catherine while I was at it, so another order will be forthcoming.

An adorable tea-themed card also came in the mail from my sweet friend, Lori.  Isn't it fun receiving tea-themed cards?

Earlier this week a member of ATAA [Afternoon Tea Across America] Facebook group posted a picture of an adorable Shelley Cooper tea-themed piece of jewelry she received for her birthday - a tea shelf pin.  I usually try to wear tea-themed jewelry to work, and I really liked this piece.  I had to do a bit of research, but I found Shelley sells her jewelry on Etsy, and this pin is still available.  I ordered it and wanted to share it with you.  It's actually on sale right now for $33.30 [regularly $37] plus shipping.  Shelley said it's been a very popular piece.  I can hardly wait for mine to arrive.

My hubby pulled out this T-shirt today that I bought him eons ago at a tea conference.  I forgot he even had it!  He does drink tea, especially when he accompanies me to tearooms. Earl Grey black tea is his favorite, but when given a choice coffee is his preference.  It's hard mentioning that 'other' beverage on a tea blog!  ;-)


  1. Love the pin, love the shirt!

  2. Really cute card! And fun shirt for Jerry, too. I think Earl Grey is a good choice - one of my favorites. That pin is darling and I'm glad you could find one to order.

  3. What a fun pin - so perfect for you! I am a huge fan of day lilies. They are very prolific in my yard, for the same reasons you mentioned. Today was the day when I had lots of blooms. When I pulled in the driveway with my four year old grandson, he said "Mimi, your orange flowers have hatched!"

  4. That pin is lovely. Jerry's shirt is cute. Enjoy your new tea deliveries.


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