Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snow Day!

Today is definitely an appropriate day to sip my favorite Green Pomegranate Tea from my porcelain snowman teacup while typing this blog post.

Today is the first major snow storm we've had this winter.   It's 20 degrees, and the snow has been falling steadily since I lifted the bedroom window shade shortly after 8:00 o'clock this morning.

~  Street view from my front porch.  ~  

Below is my HHR [better known as 'Betsy'].  I'm sure glad I don't have to drive her into Detroit for work today.

Last night I subscribed for a one month subscription to the Detroit Free Press archives.  Viewing old articles is a perfect project for a snowy day.  It's the best $7.95 I ever spent. I was up late last night reading articles about the Whitney family.  I discovered that not only did David Whitney, Jr.'s daughter, Grace, get married in the mansion, but his daughter, Flora Ann, did too!

But before I delve into more old Free Press articles, I've got to finish putting together a booklet for a 9-year-old little girl who is coming for tea on Monday with her great-grandmother.  Her great-grandmother is a repeat Whitney guest who discovered over the Christmas holidays that her great-granddaughter likes tea, so she's bringing her to The Whitney on Monday for Afternoon Tea.  [She has the day off from school for Martin Luther King Day.]  Her great-grandmother asked if I'd share some tea etiquette with her when they come, so I decided to put it in booklet form for her to take home.

I love what Bruce Richardson said in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of Tea Time magazine: [paraphrasing] etiquette shouldn't be viewed from the perspective of a list of 'rules', but rather 'skills.'

I haven't glued the cover pieces on yet - they're just laying on top for this picture.  What fun helping a little girl experience the pleasures of tea with proper social graces!


  1. Such a clever idea and your little guest will be thrilled. How nice of you to do this for her. As for your snow, I can tell you that we are getting the same here on the western side of the state.

  2. The little girl is going to be thrilled with the booklet. It is so pretty. She will have a treasure for the rest of her life. Knowing someone took the time to teach her and make a beautiful booklet. Stay safe in the storm.

  3. I'm glad you could stay home rather than drive in the snow. We got a dusting of snow yesterday but not enough to stay home. It was 14 degrees this morning and I WISHED I could stay home! That booklet is a wonderful idea - you might want to take photos of each page so you can print them and duplicate it more easily another time.


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