Monday, January 14, 2019

A Belated Christmas Present

Today's post is about a belated Christmas present I bought myself!  Do you ever buy yourself a present?

During Christmas 2017 I was wondering what I could possibly buy a friend who has everything! As I was looking through a Simpson & Vail tea catalog I saw a teapot with a beautiful red cardinal on it and decided to order that for her.  Upon arrival it was so pretty I wished I would have bought one for myself.  When my daughter asked for a gift suggestion that I'd like for Christmas, the teapot immediately came to mind and I ended up with a cardinal teapot too.  There were no teacups, plates or other serving pieces available.

Fast-forward to January 2nd, 2019: While blog reading, Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage posted a picture of a beautiful teacup with a cardinal on it that she received for a Christmas present from her son.  She said it was made by Lefton China and her son found it in an antique store in Michigan.  eBay immediately flashed through my mind, and a Lefton China cardinal search began.  Beautiful pieces came up in the search, and I succumbed to some teacups and dessert plates.  The sugar and creamer are forthcoming [eBay searches can be costly!].  The vintage dishes are from 1984.

Cardinals were extremely popular at Christmas this year, and the placemats pictured above came from Kohl's.  Obtaining cardinal napkin rings and coordinating napkins will have to wait until next Christmas when they become available again.

I rarely purchase from eBay anymore because most of the time shipping is as much [if not more] than the price of the item.  Since dishware is heavy, shipping is always costly. When the lady in Texas calculated the 12 lb. shipping fee I initially declined, but after giving it more thought I decided to purchase them.

The eBay seller even enclosed a sweet handmade notecard with my order saying she hoped I enjoyed many cups of good tea with the set.  I'm sure I will.


  1. That's so great, Phyllis! I have a dear friend who loves cardinals. I may have to find a tea cup for her!

  2. Hello dear Phyllis and Happy New Year! I was going through my blog list and I saw your beautiful teapot and decided to stop by. What a surprise to find that you not only have the teapot but other pieces as well. Then I noticed you had mentioned me. That is a nice surprise too. Your cardinal pieces are so pretty and I'm happy you got them; especially the teapot! I have a "thing" for teapots! My son had gotten me pieces of the Rose Chintz over eBay years ago but I don't need any more because my sweet auntie gave me all of hers. I agree that it is getting very costly to shop eBay. I hope you are able to add to your cardinal collection because it is so pretty. Thank you for sharing your lovely pieces with us and enjoy your day. Blessings...Sandi

  3. Those are beautiful, Phyllis, and I'm so glad you were able to find them.


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