Monday, January 21, 2019

Meeting Mariana...

Twenty-two guests braved Michigan's frigid winter temperatures to come to tea at The Whitney this afternoon. I especially looked forward to seeing Joan again and meeting her great-granddaughter, Mariana.

We started out with a teapot of black tea on the table [I used the last of the Mistletoe Kiss holiday tea today], and then switched over to the Garden Blend [our signature tisane] so Mariana could taste both.

Mariana was delightful and enjoyed both the tea and the time spent with her great-grandmother.

When I started to glue the cover of her etiquette booklet together last Saturday I decided it looked too plain, so I did a little bit more embellishing.  I hope it will be a fun keepsake of the Afternoon Tea she enjoyed at The Whitney thanks to her loving great-grandmother.  

While we were trying to stay warm in Michigan, Jeremy sent the photo below to Izzy from Hawaii where he and Samantha are enjoying an anniversary getaway.  It must be awful living in Hawaii, don't ya think?  ;-)


  1. What a special great-grandmother/great-granddaughter outing! Mariana is darling, and I'm glad she could be properly introduced to tea. And that picture from Hawaii looks especially nice as I sit here with my little space heater running under my desk, trying to stay warm!

  2. Your booklet is so sweet. What a special memento of a wonderful experience for Mariana and her grandmother.

  3. Glad that Mariana had a good time. What a lovely young lady. Thank You for sharing this special day.


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