Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Gift of Tea

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend Lori's son, Jeff, called me to say he wanted to bring his mother, wife, and daughter to Afternoon Tea at The Whitney for an early Christmas present.  Yesterday was the day.  Tea was served in the library.

[Lisa, Courtney, Jeff, and Lori]

There were only a total of 11 guests for tea yesterday afternoon, so I got to visit at their table in between serving the other guests.

Aside from God's gift of His Son, Jesus, family and friends are the next greatest gifts. 

Lori with her beautiful family, Jeff, Lisa, and Courtney.

They came bearing gifts for me...

~ Adorable ceramic tea caddie with 40 'extra strong' tea bags inside ~

~ Handy button-on [stove, refrigerator or drawer] Hand Towels ~

~ Teacup Notepad, Merci Chocolates, and Bathtub Tea Sachet ~


Thanks Bloss family, and a special thanks to Jeff for being so thoughtful to his mom, wife and daughter, and allowing me the privilege of serving you!

When Afternoon Tea concluded, it was time to get the music room set-up for 'Supper with Santa' from 5:00-8:00 p.m.  It was a sold out event.  Below is Debra, one of the servers, who did double-duty last night as Santa's helper.

As for me, I came home and finished decorating our Christmas tree.   Humm... I wonder how many more years I'm going to feel like climbing a ladder to decorate a tree this tall???


  1. How lovely to get to see Lori's family (for you and for us, I mean!), and what a thoughtful gift from her son. Also enjoyed seeing the sweet gifts you got and Santa's helper at the Whitney--her costume is adorable. I especially *love* those kitchen towels!

  2. I agree with Angela, it was so nice to see Lori's family and I know you enjoyed having them visit the Whitney and they enjoyed being there. Love that tea caddy - perfect for you! Your tree is gorgeous. I gave up on the ladder idea several years ago (after my first bout with vertigo) and got a smaller tree. It's up and hopefully will be decorated in a day or two!


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