Monday, November 12, 2018

Annual Christmas Tea at The Whitney

Whitney's Fourth Annual Christmas Tea will be held on Saturday, December 22, 2018 from 12:00 - 2:30 p.m.

It will be hosted by Mary Jones of Intu Tea [the restaurant's tea purveyor].  The event will include live holiday music, a very special Christmas menu, special guests, and presents.

Tickets are $75 per person and are available through eventbrite.

Seating is limited, so don't delay.  Any local readers who attend, please make yourself known to me.  

*  *  *

As promised in my last post, a tour of the mansion to see the Christmas decorations in several of the rooms [I didn't go up to the third floor for pictures].  It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas at The Whitney!

~ Grand Hallway Fireplace Mantel ~

~ Reception Room Mantel and Christmas Tree ~

~ Drawing Room Mantel and Christmas Tree ~

~ Formal Dining Room Mantel and Christmas Tree ~

~ Library Mantel and Christmas Tree ~

~ The Study Mantel and Christmas Tree ~

The music room wasn't decorated yet, so we'll ascend the Grand Staircase to the second floor.  Those are the 16 steps [plus 10 more next to them] that I climb multiple times every time I go to work.  Love the exercise!  ;-)

~ Mantel in Mr. Whitney's Bedroom and Christmas Tree ~

~ Mantel in Mrs. Whitney's Bedroom and Christmas Tree ~

~ Mantel in Mrs. Whitney's Sitting Room and Christmas Tree ~

Mantel in daughter's bedroom - either Flora Ann's or Katherine's, we don't know which, and Christmas Tree.

As with anything, the decorations are much prettier in person, but for readers who can't visit the Whitney a photo tour is the next best thing.


  1. Oh, how beautiful the Whitney looks decorated for Christmas! If I were close enough, I'd love to come to that Christmas tea. And I am glad I don't have to climb that staircase every day, but it is certainly gorgeous. Enjoy this lovely place, I know you do.

  2. I talked Mr Merry into a Kentucky trip for Christmas this year. Hopefully I can talk him into a Whitney trip for Christmas next year. So gorgeous!

  3. Just beautiful! I love to see historic homes decorated for Christmas.

  4. So happy for you and this perfect job! The tea sounds wonderful!


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