Monday, November 5, 2018

Tea and Books

C.S. Lewis once said, "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

This weekend three new books clamored for my attention along with several mugs of tea.  I've enjoyed Green Pomegranate from the English Tea Shop all weekend.

Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade - an Images of America book that I recently purchased from Barnes and Noble, was one of the books.  

My presentation at the assisted living facility on the 25th of this month will be 'Thanksgiving Day Parades in the U.S.'  I know the residents will enjoy reminiscing about Detroit's own parade that was formerly sponsored by J.L. Hudson Department Store.  Back in the early 1920's, a Hudson's display manager watched Eaton's Department Store's parade in Toronto, Canada and decided Detroit could benefit from hosting its own parade down Woodward Avenue on Thanksgiving Day.  His idea became a tradition that's continued since 1924 - the same year Macy's hosted their first parade in NYC.  Philadelphia has the distinction of being the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade dating back to 1920.

I discovered The Parade Company in Detroit hosts a 1-hour studio tour where spectators get a behind-the-scenes peek at how floats are made.  I hope I'm able to take the tour before my presentation.  I'll be sure to blog about it.

The other two books pertain to the Whitney family of Detroit - David Whitney Jr.'s oldest daughter, Grace, and his son-in-law, Tracy McGregor.

I confess, the books had a bit of competition with Hallmark channel's Christmas movies. Have you been watching them?  I love the Hallmark channel.


  1. I did indeed watch some Hallmark channel this weekend. And I recorded a couple of movies that I still want to watch, because I was watching gymnastics at the time. Your parade book looks so interesting, and I hope you can take the "behind the scenes" tour before you do your presentation. Enjoy!

  2. I'm sure your assisted living ladies will do enjoy your presentation on parades, Phyllis.
    Yes, I have been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies. They always have a happy ending!

  3. I will always regret never having visited Hudson's when I had the chance! The end of an era, as they say.


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