Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Great Day of Celebration!

It was a giant leap of faith when our son, Steve, gave up a secure youth ministry position to plant a new church in Macomb County, MI in December 2004, but God never asks you to do anything without His provision.  Services were held in homes in the early days, and when the congregation grew large enough we moved into an elementary school.

We purchased 24 acres of prime property and worked diligently to pay it off so we could begin saving to build our sanctuary.  There's been many bumps in the road, but construction will begin this year, and we celebrated our groundbreaking service today.

Jerry and our grandson, Landon, went out to the property yesterday morning [Saturday] to help set-up chairs and tables in the huge tent.

~ Landon ~

When they were done setting up, they formed a circle and held hands asking God's blessings upon today's service.

At the far end of the tent, tables were set up for dinner on the grounds following the service.  

Below is the groundbreaking shovel.  Steve opted for a working man's shovel from Home Depot rather than an expensive gold or chrome ceremonial shovel.

This is what a 212 lb. pig looked like at the beginning of roasting last night.

This is what it looked like today before they took it off the grill to cut and shred it for our dinner.  

Granddaughter Brooke had fun shuttling people from their cars to the tent.  On the golf cart seat with her [photo below] are granddaughters Izzy and Ellie.

The big tent was full.  It was a hot 91 degree day, but a breeze blew across the vacant land and thru the tent to keep us comfortable.  We prayed that Mother Nature wouldn't send any rain, and she didn't.

All of our family were there for the long awaited service - daughter Lori, daughter-in-law Samantha, and son Jeremy.

One of the charter members of the church prayed over Pastor Steve and Sharon at the conclusion of the service before they turned the first shovel of dirt.

Pastor Steve and Sharon overturning the first shovel of earth where the new sanctuary will be located.  It's hard to see in the photo, but they spray painted an outline of where the sanctuary will be on the grass with orange paint, and Steve is digging on that line.  

After the staff, city official, and contractor/general manager turned their shovel of dirt, any member or guest present had the opportunity to turn a shovel of dirt too.  Jerry and I took our turn.  It was a wonderful day.  To God be the glory!


  1. How wonderful. What a blessing!

  2. God is so good. It blesses my heart to know God has continued to be with Steve and the church. Looking forward to seeing each step of the building process. We serve a mighty God.


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