Saturday, June 30, 2018

Southern Tea Time Getaway - Day 10 Part II

Afternoon Tea at CommuniTea tearoom was bittersweet.  After ten days on the road we were all looking forward to seeing our families and home sweet home again, but we enjoyed all the tea experiences, the fun we had traveling with a great group of ladies, and the opportunity to see Atlanta, Savannah, and Charleston.  We made memories that will last a lifetime.

CommuniTea tearoom is located at 100 Watervilet Avenue in Dayton, Ohio, and the delightful owner's name is Dawn.  She's a realtor, and said she'll be putting the tearoom up for sale soon.

It's in a mixed residential/commercial area, so it has more of a homey feel than a business.

When we arrived a small baby shower was in progress in one corner of the tearoom, but our table was reserved and waiting for us.

We had fun looking around before we settled down for our Afternoon Tea.

Dawn said some of the décor and furniture was her grandmother's.

~ She decorated with a lot of aprons. ~

We selected our own teapots for tea from the shelf pictured below.

~ Jerry and Me ~

~ Teresa and Rebecca ~

~ Ann, Dawn and Cheryl K. ~

 Cheryl K., Barb, and Lori.   Dawn had plenty of hats for us to wear for teatime.

~ The whole gang! ~

~ Two tiered server. ~

Sandwiches/Savories:  Pimento on Rye; Chicken Salad on White;  Cucumber and Cream Cheese Rounds; Deviled Egg Halves; Veggie Skewers - Cherry Tomato, Swiss Cheese Cube, and Cucumber; Colby Jack Cheese Cubes in center.

Top Tier:  Blueberry, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Banana Nut Mini-muffins, Cucumber with Cream Cheese, Mini Quiches, Fruit Kabobs [Strawberry, Pineapple, and Blueberry], and Lady Fingers with Strawberry Cheesecake filling, and Seven Layer Square.

Scone with seedless Blackberry Jam and imported Clotted Cream

I didn't write down what tea I ordered, and I don't remember now.

~ Jerry ordered Lavender Lemonade ~

Dawn modeling her grandmother's hat and parasol from Paris.

~ Dawn and Me ~

~ Lori ~

It was a fun ending to a wonderful tea-themed trip.  After our tea, we drove a short distance to the Lima exit to deliver our four Ohio ladies to a waiting husband.  We dropped four more ladies off in Southgate, MI around 7:30 p.m., and then Lori, Jerry and I headed for Warren, MI with grateful hearts that our Heavenly Father granted safe traveling, good weather, and a rental van that ran perfectly every mile.  The only disappointment was that one of our dear ladies became ill and had to return home early.  Thankfully she's doing well now.

I should have had the group vote on awards, but I didn't think of it until now. Teresa definitely gets the award for being the most creative with the booklets she made for each of us, the tea and chocolate pairing, and the fun murder mystery game. She was also the biggest shutterbug with over 2,000 pictures [I don't envy her when she had to download them from her camera!]. Linda gets the award for being the biggest shopper.  Ann, an R.N., gets the award for being a great nurse and looking out for all of us.  And as one of my readers stated, Jerry deserves the 'Husband of the Year' award for being our driver, valet, photographer, and everything else we needed him to be.  All others get an award for being congenial and great to travel with!

After 2,313 miles, 7 states, 742 pictures, and 26 blog posts, the Southern Tea Time Getaway has finally come to an end.  Thank you for traveling along with us via my blog.

Life has been happening during this series, so Monday my posts will return to normal day-to-day activities as they relate to tea.


  1. What a wonderful trip! I cannot believe how you were able to combine all those lovely tea experiences, as well as all the sight seeing and activities into your trip. Memories to last a lifetime!

  2. I've enjoyed "traveling" with your group during this virtual tour. What an amazing experience and it looked like so much fun.

  3. I have enjoyed each mile of your trip along with you and the group, Phyllis! You've done a wonderful job of sharing each experience. And kudos to Jerry as he deserves Husband of the Year Award...what a trooper! Hope you're both getting all rested up after that adventure! XO

  4. Oh, goodness, the final tea of the trip! I know you were probably all ready to get home, but what a wonderful trip you had. And I think you deserve an award for coordinating it all, and Jerry certainly deserves one for driving, loading/unloading, taking group photos, etc. I so enjoyed meeting you on the first stop in GA, and reading about the rest of your trip made me wish I could have joined you for the whole trip. What an unforgettable experience for a group of tea-loving friends!

  5. So glad your trip to the South was a fun and memorable one. As they used to say at the end of "The Beverly Hillbillies" TV show, "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


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