Thursday, November 2, 2017

Getting Ready for a Trip to Chicago

I began my morning with a cup of the green sencha cherry blossom tea that Jerry purchased in Frankenmuth yesterday.  It was quite good, and I'm getting ready for a second steep.  I'm sure glad we went to Frankenmuth yesterday instead of today, because it's been raining all day. 

As promised, I said I'd show you the hat I purchased in Frankenmuth yesterday at Girl Talk Sassy Boutique.  It's an Adora casual/sporty style, wool felt cloche to go with an outfit I purchased to take to Chicago. 

Another fun store I stopped in yesterday was Calla Lilies in River Place.  I saw a cute festive black and gold top perfect for the holidays, but didn't get it.  I thought about it all evening, so called first thing this morning to order it over the phone.  If I was paid money for every time I passed up something I liked and regretted it later, I'd be rich.  Do you do that?

Since I'm only going to be in Chicago one day, I only needed one nice 'smart casual' outfit.  I love Steinmart and was so happy when one opened near me.  

I spent about an hour and half looking through the clothing department, and finally put together an outfit for the occasion.  I bought my first pair of leggings.  When I was with my 90-year-old aunt recently, she was wearing a pair and they looked so comfortable.  The pair I bought has a black velveteen flocked design on it.  Do you wear leggings or jeggings?

I found the perfect red and black Anne Klein top, and wool Kasper sweater/jacket to go with the leggings.  The black rhinestone brooch on the lapel was my mom's.

The outfit should keep me warm while in the Windy City.  I also bought a pair of Amelia Grace black suede wedge shoes [with inside zipper] to go with the outfit.  I wore them to Frankenmuth yesterday to make sure they'd be comfortable to wear in Chicago, and they were.

Last June I blogged about visiting the ChocolaTea shop in Portage, MI [near Kalamazoo].  You can read that post here.   Below is a photo of the shop/tearoom.

Every year they sponsor a bus trip to Chicago for Macy's Christmas tree lighting the first Saturday in November.  My friend, Linda, invited me to go with her this year since her daughter has moved to Mexico.

We'll be leaving a day early since Portage is a 2 1/2 drive [153 miles] and we board the bus at 7:45 a.m.  We're not going to waste the extra day though, because Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Amish Middlebury, Indiana is right close by, and they have the best food.  They're Indiana's largest restaurant.  We'll stay the night in a motel and board the bus refreshed and ready for a full day in Chicago.

[Internet Photo]

The first and main attraction will, of course, be Macy's tree lighting.  The iconic store building on State Street was the former Marshall Field's department store, and is a National Historic Landmark.  We have reservations at the renowned Walnut Tearoom while we're there.  

In an attempt to pack in as much as we can,  we have 2:30 p.m. reservations for Afternoon Tea in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel.

We'll return to Portage at 11:00 p.m. and stay the night at a motel and return home Sunday morning.  Of course, I'll take lots of pictures to share, and tell you all about the excursion. The tearoom has a lot of fun activities planned during the bus ride.


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