Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Red Tartan Plaid

I've been sitting at my computer a couple of hours working on my presentation for this Sunday at Shore Pointe assisted living [Halloween Symbols and Traditions], and I needed to take a break. I thought it would be fun to share the newest additions to my red tartan plaid collection, since Christmas is right around the corner.

When I was in a Christmas Tree Shop a week or so ago, I came across soup bowls and bread and butter plates.  I had to visit two different stores to get six [each store only had three].

Because one thing leads to another, a Google search revealed Pier I [as well as other stores] have red tartan plaid dinner plates.  I ordered a set of four, and will probably order one more set, because I really need another set of dishes!  ;-)

They look great on top of a charger and placemat.

I had four salad plates from Tea by Three's going out of business sale.  Unfortunately, four was all she had, so I'll keep checking Ebay and Etsy for four more.

I also already had the tablecloth and napkins, but ordered the solid red organza napkins to go with them last week.

It's been a gradual patchwork collection that began in 2004 with Sandy Clough's "Merry Christmas" teapot, sugar and creamer, teacups, and salad plates.  I have service for eight.

While Googling, I came across Sabre Kilt Flatware, so that will be my next purchase.  Of course, Scottish tea and Walker's Shortbread will be on the menu that accompanies the dishware.

It's slowly coming together, and my mind is swirling with ideas for the perfect centerpiece.  What collections are you building or expanding?


  1. WOW! Beautiful dishes and accessories. I love all the plaid table settings. Plaid is so lovely. I love anything plaid. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I accidentally started collecting Homer Laughlin Currier & Ives red transferware. My original plan was to buy mix and match red transferware pieces. But one day I found about 20 pieces of the Currier & Ives for $15. and couldn't pass it up! I've found a few more pieces in antique stores and have ordered some on ebay. I just love it as it has historic American scenes.

  3. Your project is coming together nicely. It will make a beautiful table.

  4. I bought some of those dishes at Christmas Tree Shops too! Love them! I will have to check out Pier 1 for those plates! And maybe ebay for the tea set! I adore red plaid!

  5. I do love red plaid, especially at Christmas. Your finds are wonderful.


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