Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Surprise Package

When my hubby brought in today's mail, he laid a package on the table.  I received all the orders I placed, so was curious about the package.  When I looked at the return address I discovered it was from Michele Morabito, at The Nest at Finch Rest blog.  Don't you just love kind and thoughtful surprises for no specific reason other than 'just because!'

I quickly opened it.

Under the wrapping was a lovely turkey/Thanksgiving cup with a bag of tea nestled inside, accompanied by pumpkin decorated sugar cubes, and a handmade card.

How could Michele have known that when I was in Christmas Tree Shops recently I bought luncheon plates and soup bowls in the same pattern for my next Bible study gathering.  I don't remember seeing any cups at either of the stores I visited, so a return visit is on the horizon.

I loved her handmade sunflower card too.  Those who know me know I have an appreciation for the cheerfulness of sunflowers.  

Below is a close-up of the loose-leaf tea.  There's berries, pieces of oranges, blue cornflowers, and other things scattered amongst the black tea leaves.

I steeped a cup of it immediately.

I'm usually pretty good at detecting flavors, but this tea has me stumped.  It has a mild taste rather than robust, and I'm not picking up citrus, berries, or spices as the dry leaf indicates.  My taste buds must be off, because what I am tasting are chocolatey notes.  It's very good.

Thank you for making my day, Michele!


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