Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

If I hurry, I'll get this post written and up while it's still Halloween evening.  I just got home from my son Steve's house.  For the past 14 years [ever since he's lived in his house], he's hosted an 'open garage' for the trick-or-treaters [and their parents].  He sets up tables and chairs where they can sit and rest for a few minutes while enjoying a Crispy Kreme Donut with a cup of cider, hot chocolate, or coffee.  When it's cold out [like it was tonight - 40 degrees] they especially appreciate it. He also sets a portable fire pit in his driveway that they can warm up by.

Washington Township has a loud siren that goes off at 6:00 p.m. beginning the two hour trick-or-treat time period.  [The same siren goes off at 8:00 p.m. when it's over].  Jerry was at Steve's  all afternoon helping him set-up.  When I got there he was taking a much deserved break while waiting for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters.

And here they come!  They get to help themselves to a candy bar treat of their choice from a big round tub.

I especially enjoy seeing the little kids like this cute dog and cat.

Brooke [right] and her girlfriend.

Steve and Sharon.  Steve was portraying Bob Wiley with his goldfish Gill, in the movie, "What About Bob?"  Mother Nature was kind and gave us a dry night.

One of the couples from church, Gary and Lori.

Our daughter, Lori, and her girlfriend, Katie, came over for a little while after they got off work.

This is what the garage looked like when the evening was in full swing.  

I'm concluding this post with a picture of granddaughter, Isabella, at her band concert last night.  We were unable to attend because of another commitment, so I was grateful for the picture.  Izzy is the second clarinet player.

I'm off to bed now, and when I awake it'll be November 1st.  It hardly seems possible.


  1. What a nice thing for Steve and his family to do for their neighbors! I love seeing the children in costume, too. None came to my house last night but I saw lots of pictures. Our small town closes our "square" to car traffic and lets the children come trick or treat around the square. Various businesses and groups set up tables and give out candy. To me this is not as much fun as going house to house, but the houses around here can be quite spread out so it works. And now it's November! Have a great month.

  2. That's a really cool way to engage with your neighbors! Our neighborhood is mostly people with grown up kids, but if we ever get a younger group again, I'll have to remember this great idea!

  3. Nice way to spend Halloween. Wonderful way to spread God's love.


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