Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leaded Glass Hanging and Michael's Finds

Last week I blogged about the leaded glass hanging I purchased at the antique show in Lakeside, Ohio.  My hubby framed and hung it yesterday, so I'm posting it today.  It's the perfect size for the opening, and a lovely addition to my 'tea room' [aka living room].

Also... when I went to Michael's craft store recently to have a picture framed [more on that later], I saw some tea-themed thank you cards and a matching journal. Of course I purchased them!  The sales lady said she had just put them out that day, so if there's a Michael's store in your area you might want to check them out.  At $1.50 each they're a bargain.

Not having studied the French language, I had to look up the meanings.  I hope the website gave me accurate definitions.   C'est bon la vie! means The Good Life.   I knew "Merci" meant thank you, and I learned that beaucoup means a lot.  Thanks for prompting a mini French lesson, Michael's!  ;-)


  1. Your glass piece is gorgeous! Love the Michael's finds, too. I am going to look for some this weekend!

  2. Love the hanging leaded glass! So beautiful - I've always wanted a piece, but don't have the perfect spot for one. Lucky you!

  3. Your glas hanging looks so beautiful in your "tearoom! Perfectly made for it and what a great job Jerry did framing it! I will have to visit Michaels soon!

  4. That stained glass panel looks as if it were made to go there -- beautiful! And I just did a shopping run at Michaels over the weekend and bought some items in that same new collection. (Great minds think alike …)

  5. Hi Phyllis! ♥ your leaded glass pane! Guess what? I grew up on Catawba Cliffs- right down the road from Lakeside! What a small world.

    I found you from Angela's Tea With Friends blog - and I am your newest follower. Yay!


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