Friday, September 11, 2015

Cranbrook Gardens

When exiting the front of the mansion, the brick entrance to the parking lot is at the opposite end of the courtyard. 

To the east is the Sunken Garden, and an addition to the mansion that can't be seen from the front.

The flowers in the Sunken Garden are begonias.

~ The stone arch doorway leads to the East Terrace. ~

The Booths transformed the barren landscape of their property by having over 150,000 trees and plants planted on the property.

~ Below is the East Terrace that leads to the Herb Garden. ~

~ Herb garden and Wishing Well  garden ~

~ Turtle Fountain ~

~ Looking towards Kingswood Lake, which the Booth's added. ~

~ Lower North Terrace ~

Back of the mansion. The pergola was enclosed after the Booths occupied the mansion, but their original garden furniture is still inside.

~ Conifer Hill ~

Shepherd and Shepherdess statues in the Library Garden on the west side of the mansion. 

West exterior of the house.  This is the enclosed porch just off the library and living room.

Below are the two large library windows on each side of the fireplace. Credit is given to the Booth's youngest son for preserving the mansion, when everyone else wanted to demolish it. What a tragedy it would have been to lose this historic home.

Looking down from the promenade off the Library Terrace to the Reflecting Pool with it's cherub fountain.

~ Reflecting Pool facing the mansion. ~

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the step at the end of the west wing [offices] with the last name of the owners inscribed in the cement.

The Thistle Gift Shop [located in a former employee's residence] along the driveway leading up to the mansion.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour!  I saw lots of places for tea parties while touring the gardens, and wondered if Mrs. Booth and her daughters enjoyed outdoor tea parties??

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