Monday, September 28, 2015

Gone With the Wind

Yesterday was the monthly Afternoon Tea and program at Shore Pointe Village Assisted Living.  

The tables were set and waiting for the residents to arrive.  One of the teas the ladies were offered was Bigelow's Constant Comment, so I shared that's how Ruth Bigelow founded the company with her blend of black tea that always received 'constant comments'.  

I'm always trying to find a subject the seniors can relate to, so I decided to do a program about the book and movie Gone With the Wind. Many of them remembered seeing the movie when it came to Detroit in 1940. 

I took a few pictures to display, and my copy of Gone With the Wind.  At the end of the program I gave each of them a bag of salted peanuts, since the peanut is Georgia's official state crop, and the story of Gone With the Wind took place in Georgia. They enjoyed reminiscing about the movie, while I was privately reminiscing about another recent event...

Last Friday my hubby and I traveled 36 miles south of our home to Wyandotte, MI where I grew up and went to school.  The trek was to attend my 50th high school reunion.  Wow! 50 years, gone with the wind!   

It was a hoot trying to recognize everyone since 50 years has changed everyone's appearance - albeit some more than others. Computer programs can determine what a person will look like in the future, but who needs a computer program?  I have actual photographs showing how Father Time has changed me from 1954 to 2015.

~ Grade School [1st Grade], and Jr. High [7th Grade] ~

~ High School [12th Grade] and  50th Reunion with my Hubby ~

The tables were beautifully decorated in Roosevelt High School colors - blue and gold.

Above is a group of girlfriends from school that I still maintain a friendship with.  Two of them were in my wedding [the ones standing on each side of me]. 

Time has indeed gone with the wind, but as Scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day", and I look forward to all that God grants me.  Life has been good!  The 55th reunion will probably bring more changes.  ;-)


  1. Time does fly! My 50th high school reunion was this past July. Lots of fun seeing school friends! I enjoyed seeing the darling photo's of you!

  2. Love your graduation photo! You are making me feel old, but I love Gone With the Wind too :-)

  3. I'm sure the "Gone with the Wind" presentation was a hit! And I enjoyed seeing your photos, I'm glad you could reconnect with friends at your reunion.

  4. You certainly are a busy tea lady! Nice post.


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