Monday, February 24, 2014

Scarlett Fever / Gone With the Wind

A while back, one of my faithful blog readers, and a Georgia resident, sent me an e-mail saying the Georgia Travel Guide was featuring the 75th Anniversary of Gone With the Wind in its publication.  I wrote requesting a copy [which was free upon request], and received it.

Although the movie [released in Dec. 1939] was filmed in California, the fictional plantation, Tara, was about 20 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia, founded by Irish immigrant, Gerald O'Hara.  Atlanta has a significant role in the book and movie, and is where the movie premiered, and where author Margaret Mitchell lived.  There are three Gone With the Wind museums in Georgia. 

TV Guide also came out with a Special Edition Gone With the Wind magazine, which I purchased.  It's a must for Gone With the Wind fans, and a great resource for anyone planning a theme tea around the movie.

Those who read my blog in 2013 may remember that I blogged about Gone With the Wind four times.  The first post was about Gone With the Wind theme teas I attended. [View post here.] The other three posts were about my own theme tea that I hosted last October for my daughter's annual birthday tea.  [Posts can be viewed here, here, and here.]

Since the tea party I've acquired one more tea scene photo from the movie.

The March/April 2014 Tea Time magazine features an article on Favorite Green Teas [page 15], The Many Moods of Matcha [page 17], Teatime in Ireland, [page 48], and a great recipe for Layered Mint Brownies [page 43].  With St. Patrick's Day only three weeks away, this issue and Gone With the Wind resources, can provide great inspiration for a St. Patty's tea, that's sure to please your guests!


  1. I remember those posts and a St. Patrick's Day tea might be fun.

  2. I purchased that TV Guide special issue as well and it is terrific! I wrote so many GWTW stories for the newspaper over the years, it is rare for me to see a "new" photo of something from GWTW, but I did see some in that issue. Fun!

  3. That does sound like a great theme for a March tea! I hope the Georgia Travel Guide is helpful. Hugs!

  4. This TV Guide American Icons Magazine features the Shaw-Tumblin Gone With The Wind Collection which is the world's largest. Beginning August 16, 2014, portions of the Shaw-Tumblin Collection - featuring many original costumes worn in the film in addition to Vivien Leighs Academy Award - will be on display at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, Florida!


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