Thursday, February 27, 2014

A New Home for a Lefton Tea Set

I don't go to estate sales very often, but I receive notifications about them in my e-mail inbox frequently.  Yesterday I received a notification about a sale that was less than two miles from my house, accompanied by photographs.  I immediately spotted a table full of Lefton Green Heritage china [pictured below].  I've admired it many times over the years, but didn't have any.   I decided to go to the sale.

I arose early this morning, and was at the house shortly before 8:00 a.m., in hopes of being the first one in line since the sale didn't start until 9:00 a.m.  Wrong!  The street was lined with cars ready and waiting to enter the house.  They began exiting their cars at 8:15 to get a entry number, so I joined the line.   It was 10 degrees and windy.  I don't know what the chill factor was, but I know it was COLD!  Finally at 8:30 an employee came out with a roll of tickets.  The first number was 73, and I got #88.   We all went back to our cars to await the final 30 minutes in heated comfort.  I had brought along a porcelain travel mug filled with hot tea, which tasted SO good, and the mug doubled as a hand warmer!

I was so tempted to go back home, since I had no guarantee the 15 people ahead of me weren't there for the same purpose of purchasing the beautiful Lefton china.  But since I was that far along in the process I decided to stick it out.  A few minutes before 9:00 a.m. they opened the doors. To my delight, I could see the table of Lefton china in the living room as soon as I entered the house, and no one was at the table.  I made a bee-line to it, and while I wanted everything, I decided to settle for the teapot, sugar and creamer.  I got the three pieces for $95, and I saw the teapot alone on e-bay for $199. 

But that's not the end of the story...  When I got home I excitedly unwrapped my treasures and showed them to my hubby.  I was rattling on about how many pieces were at the sale including teacups and saucers to match the teapot.  He asked how much they were, and suggested we go back.  If the price was right, he said he'd buy them for me.  

Glad we went when we did, because a lady had her arms full of the Lefton china transporting it to the holding table, and was going back for more.  I quickly inched my way up to the table. My hubby thought the price was good [$65] so between the two of us we picked up the four teacups and saucers and went to the check-out.  What a happy day! I concluded it was worth standing in the freezing temperatures to get the tea set after all!

Isn't it beautiful?  As I delicately washed the pieces, I vowed to the lady who previously owned and enjoyed it, that I would lovingly care for it just as she had!

Do you shop at estate sales... or collect Lefton china?


  1. I just heard about estate sales today from another Canadian who goes to them in Florida and she said they are amazing. Judging by the gorgeous china you picked up, there are good buys available and such a pretty pattern!

  2. Your new china is tremendously beautiful, Phyllis! I love it! So glad you went back and got the teacups. I noticed the verses on your right sidebar (Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11). Those are among my favorite verses too.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. I sold my Lefton pieces at my shop so have none now but I have a great respect for George Lefton - a Jew who left Hungary to come to America as Jews were already being controlled there before the war. Also, just think how wonderful that he gave so much business to Japan after the war. Your pieces are incredible. What a nice hubby too!

  4. Oh, that is so gorgeous! I'm so glad you got it, and how wonderful of your husband to take you back for MORE! Enjoy.

  5. Your Lefton china is so beautiful. It would have been a shame not to get the teacups too.
    I like to shop at estate sales too, only I try to just go on the days when prices are marked down 25 or 50%. Sometimes, you can lose out on things that way, but I'm usually willing to take the chance.

    Today I was at an estate sale where the lady had a huge collection of beautiful Victorian pitchers and creamers. I might just have to get up early and go back tomorrow morning for the 50% off!

  6. What a beautiful set! I shop at local estate sales *if* I get a photo in advance showing some "good" stuff, like fine china, silver, and glassware. If I see too many beer steins and porch furniture in the photos, I skip it!


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