Friday, January 31, 2014

A Second Foley Trio and Fenton Epergne

Since I shared my Foley Glengarry Thistle ensemble yesterday, I decided to share my other Foley trio today.  This delicate pink, floral, "harlequin" set doesn't have a pattern name, but a pattern number, 3125.  Harlequin means the pattern sets were available in different colors.

I love the flowers on the inside of the teacup.

The backstamp on the teacup is a bit different from the backstamp on the dessert plate.  The set was made sometime between 1948-1963.

Next to the trio is my 4-pc. Fenton epergne.  I love to use it with my pink Depression Glass.

My epergne is an ornamental table centerpiece with a bowl that supports decorative horns for flowers.  Some epergnes hold food [fruit, candy or nuts], or candles.  Epergnes were traditionally made of silver until the beginning of the 20th century when glass began to be used.  There are images of beautiful, ornate epergnes on Pinterest, much larger than mine.

Below, the epergne bowl is upside down.  Even though I have used it many times, I haven't removed the Fenton sticker, which says it's authentic Fenton Art Glass, and is handmade.

In the next photo it's right-side-up with one of the "horns" inserted in its hole.  The pattern is "Diamond Lace," and it is an opalescent pink.  The round fitted base [or bowl] has pie crust crimped edges, and the three horns match.  Fenton made these between 1970-1980.   

The centerpiece with flowers is shown below.  Fenton Art Glass Company was founded in 1905 by two brothers, Frank L. and John W. Fenton in Williamstown, West Virginia. Unfortunately, the company ceased its traditional glass making in 2011, making Fenton glass very collectible. There are three national Fenton collector's organizations, as well as Depression glass societies, Questers, and other groups that treasure it.  The company formed a new division that makes handcrafted glass jewelry, and a line of sterling silver jewelry that was introduced in 2013.

When my hubby and I went to England in May 2001, he bought me a silverplated epergne at at the Past Times gift shop at Heathrow Airport.  It makes a lovely centerpiece too.  Since mine isn't easily accessible right now, I found a photo identical to my epergne on E-bay.  The horns are shaped like individual tussie-mussie holders.

 Do you collect Fenton Art Glass, or have an epergne?


  1. Epergnes were very popular in the 90's when Victoria magazine was more truly Victorian in style. One antique mall where I visit has a case of them - very expensive real Victorian ones. I always take a peek. I remember as a teen going to a house where these 2 old maids lived. They had them all around the dining room. Everything they owned was very antique.

  2. I LOVE Fenton glassware, and have a few treasured pieces, but no epergnes. Yours is gorgeous! As is that teacup trio, by the way. I have some of my pink DG on my table for Valentine's Day, along with some red transferware and some china in the pattern my grandmother had. No, it's not my grandmother's china (a cousin has that) but I've been fortunate enough to find a few pieces and receive a few more as gifts. It's an eclectic, mix and match, tablescape, but I like it. Your Fenton epergne would fit right in!

  3. Your epergne is beautiful! I love to go on Victorian home tours and always see several examples of gorgeous epergnes. One day I hope to have one. Now that I know Fenton made them, I will be on the lookout.

  4. What a beautiful post! You have included several of my favorite things. Makes me want to go around the house and identify my Fenton pieces. :-)

  5. I do have a number of Fenton pieces, including vases, rose bowls, and possibly my favorite, a miniature punch bowl with tiny cups to match! Some years ago, my parents were Fenton dealers (Daddy loved the epergnes!), so I was getting a lot of Fenton gifts at the time. I think these pieces are classic and never go out of style!

  6. I adore your pink trio, I am searching the globe to find one as I have three trios in lemon, blue and mint green. Keep your fingers crossed for me. xx


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