Wednesday, January 15, 2014

500th Post Giveaway!

My second blogging anniversary isn't for nine more days, but today marks my 500th post, so to celebrate the milestone I decided to have a giveaway for U.S. residents.

The giveaway includes Sandy Clough's book, The Art of Tea and Friendship, and a tea-for-one with matching teabag caddy pictured above.   The items have never been used.

I used to be an independent Sandy Clough tea lady, and sold her products at home parties. To win this gift simply answer this question:  

What was the motto of Sandy's company?

Hint:  The answer is found in a blog post.  The first person to respond with the correct answer will be the winner.   To add an element of surprise and suspense, I will not publish comments until tomorrow morning.  Blogger [my blog host] automatically arranges the comments in the order they are received for publishing, so the first person will be determined with accuracy. Come back tomorrow morning to see if you're the winner.  Good luck!


  1. The motto was "Hospitality opens hearts". This was in your June 21, 2012 post about becoming Michigan's only Sandy Clough tea lady. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your 500th!

  2. Sandy's motto is "Hospitality Opens Hearts" in your June 21, 12 post. Congratulations of 500 posts. That is a lot. I see we love the same things. Clarice

  3. Hospitality Opens Hearts. I'm sure I'm not the first, it's been a busy day here - but it was fun to find it, anyway, and CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th blog post! Hugs!

  4. Shoot! I read this post early yesterday but my "strategy" was going to be to wait and comment later in the day so my comment would be in the middle of the entries (which, based on my own giveaway experience, would give me a better chance of winning). So much for that strategy, eh!

  5. But I did mean to add congrats on another blogging milestone!

  6. Congratulations to Carla! And congrats to you, too, Phyllis, on your 500th post. What a generous giveaway. Have a good wknd!


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