Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete's Coffee and Tea

Recently my granddaughter, Brianna, and I went to the Shelby Township location of Pete's Coffee and Tea.  

While they do have a tea retail section, and tea selections are on their menu, it is first and foremost a coffee shop.  The aroma of coffee is very distinct, and it has a coffee shop atmosphere.

My sweet granddaughter, Brianna.

Even though there was snow on the ground and the temperatures were in the single digits, Bri ordered a jasmine iced tea.  Some jasmine teas are subtle, but Pete's is very floral. She likened it to drinking a bouquet of flowers, ;-) and I concurred with just one sip.

I ordered a Masala Chai Latte.   I enjoyed my time with Brianna, and the fact that tea was included made it even better!


  1. She is just beautiful! And how fun to spend time with her over tea!

  2. What fun! Your granddaughter is a beautiful young lady. I am so glad you got to share this adventure!

  3. I'm glad that you share these times together!

  4. A lovely young lady willing to go out for tea with her grandmother. I enjoy outings for tea with any of our 4 granddaughters, or even all at once.

  5. You are making wonderful memories with your beautiful granddaughter. It's interesting she chose the Jasmine tea, because that has been Austin's tea of choice recently.

  6. Personally, I shy away from Jasmine tea exactly for that reason - too floral. I love the fragrance, but can't drink it! Now your masala chai, I'd be happy with that option!


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