Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Tea Time Treats from Trader Joe's

The closest Trader Joe's from where I live is 14 miles, and it's located in Grosse Pointe [MI], a city that I don't travel to on a regular basis. 

Yesterday I received their electronic October Fearless Flier in my in-box that was titled, "All Things Pumpkin."  As I read through the flier I saw they carried Pumpkin Macarons [Gluten Free] for $4.99, box of 12 [in the freezer section].  90 calories for two, so they sounded worthy of a drive to their store.  At this time of the year - and only at this time - they also carry Maple Leaf Sandwich Cookies which are perfect for dunking in tea [but don't tell any etiquette expert I said that! ;-)].

I was happy to find both items, and as I was standing in the check-out line my mind flashed back to an August post my friend, Angela, at Tea With Friends, wrote about a Trader Joe's tote bag.  I couldn't remember what her tote looked like, but a couple of isles over I spotted a tote with a tea kettle, teacup, and teaspoon printed on it, and since it was only $2.99 I put it in my basket too.

When I got home I went to Angela's blog and found it's the same one.   It's made with a very durable fabric so it's well worth $2.99, and it's made in the USA [Lowell, MA].  Nice to see a USA label for a change.  ;-)

I was anxious to sample the Macarons.  My hubby and I both declared them delicious! Because they're so delicate, four of the twelve were damaged, which didn't affect the taste in the least, but it's worth noting because had I been buying them for a tea party they wouldn't have been pretty on a dessert tray, so I'd have been four short. 

I love that it's pumpkin time!  The mini-pumpkin came from Trader Joe's too.  I like to make candle holders out of them during the fall season.

I use the paper doily tea spout 'drip catchers' to dress the pumpkins up a bit.  Apples also work well as candle holders.

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  1. I've seen this bag and it is, indeed, very durable!

  2. Pumpkins and apples do make sweet candle holders. Your tote is just wonderful and a great price too. We don't have a Trader Joes here and I don't know of any place that carries Macarons either. Maybe I should check the freezer in our supermarket. You never know! Maple leaf cookies are always available however because the maple leaf is our Canadian symbol. So glad you shared this at my HOME and enjoy your weekend.


  3. I shared some maple leaf cookies as well...but from Victoria, BC. We don't have a Trader Joes close...and I miss it. We used to have one about 30 miles away, now it's 60. I miss it! Love the tote bag!

  4. Well, our nearest Trader Joe's is 450 miles away! I was there last week and noticed those maple leaf cookies but didn't buy any, as we can buy them here all year round (but not TJ label). Too bad I didn't notice the macarons. I have bought their pumpkin butter in the past and it is very tasty.

  5. Wonderful finds! I wish there was a Trader Joe's that close to me. I love to visit them when I'm in Atlanta, though.

  6. No Trader Joe's here, but nearby where we winter in Florida. Yea! Thanks for the tips!


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