Friday, October 4, 2013

6th Annual Church Ladies' Christmas Tea

Our Ladies' 6th Annual Christmas Tea has been scheduled for December 7th [always the first Saturday in December].   

In the past, the Christmas tea has always been a fundraiser by means of a silent auction.  I'd like to implement a change this year, and have been considering possibilities.  When I was in LaBelle's antique store earlier this week, post cards were available publicizing a fundraising event sponsored by a healthcare facility for their Breast Care Program.  Their fundraising event is called "Festival of Tables."  30 tables will be decorated and displayed, and 28 vendors will sell their products, probably giving a portion of their earnings for the cause.

In our past Christmas teas at church we have had ladies who were responsible for setting a table and being the hostess of it.  The attendees voted on their favorite decorated table, and 1st and 2nd place prizes were given.

The Festival of Tables is different than that, however.  In this type of event, the tables are only viewed, with no one actually sitting at them for a meal.  Hor d' oeuvres are served buffet style and attendees eat while walking around viewing the tables.

I attended a Festival of Tables a few years back sponsored by a church, and I loved it, but I'm not certain how popular it would be with most people, compared to a sit down meal.

I'm asking for constructive feedback from my blog readers.  Would you pay $15 to view table displays and eat hor d' oeuvres?   I won't have vendors coming to sell their things at our church tea, but perhaps I could get a consultant from a department store or home decor shop to offer tabletop tips and do a demonstration.

What are your thoughts?  I'd gratefully welcome them.


  1. I do think the sit down meal would be more fun, but the "viewing only" idea would be less work maybe? (Of course, the fact that my knees hurt all the time might influence my preference - walking around looking is not all that much fun for me right now.)

  2. I think if I had been attending your church sit down tea in the past and then came this year to only look at the tables, and couldn't sit down, I'd be disappointed. Guess I'm old fashioned in that respect that I like a traditional tea, which is of course more work.
    If the group that attends the tea is older, they may find it difficult to manoeuvre around with food and tea in hand. My thoughts...

  3. I agree with Judith, I think I would be let down if I was looking forward to a sit down tea for Christmas if this been a yearly event. I can see myself bring younger little ladies and teens to a sit down tea, but not to a table viewing. Maybe a fundraiser of viewing tea tables and table decorations would be a nice addition to a month without a regularly scheduled tea. After the holidays it may be something nice to do as people find them selves with more time and are looking for a creative outlet.
    Best wishes on your event,


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