Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Member of the Association of Tea Bloggers

Several of my tea blogging friends are members of the Association of Tea Bloggers.  The association was created in 2009. 

I applied for membership this past April.  The criteria for membership can be found at their website along with an application.  Applications are reviewed, and a response is sent to the applicant.  

I happily received notification in May that I was accepted into membership, but I just had the membership badge/logo put on my blog homepage this week. Explanation is for those who've noticed it on the right side bar, and may have wondered what it means.

[Photo courtesy of ATB]

The Association of Tea Bloggers provides great information pertaining to tea on their Facebook page too.  Check it out!

Also new to my blog home page [since some have asked for it], is the option to have my posts sent straight to an E-mail inbox, rather than going to my blog site to read posts.   


  1. Congratulations on your membership in the tea bloggers group! I have seen the badge on other pages, and they do have some interesting information.

  2. Congratulations! I've looked at the application briefly in the past but should look again, not sure if I would qualify.

  3. Very nice! And a well deserved inclusion!

  4. I did the email thing on my blog recently, but didn't announce it. Can you tell by doing this how many sign up? I like knowing, but haven't figured it out.


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