Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black and Gold

Quite some time ago I purchased the inexpensive black and gold teapot picture below because it reminded me of two porcelain trio sets that were my mother's.  

They are both JL Menau porcelain, made in Germany, and the combination of black and gold is strikingly beautiful.

The backstamp is the Henneberg Coat of Arms used between 1934 - 1949.

Which trio do you like the best?  It's difficult for me to pick a favorite because I think they're both beautiful.  My mother gave them to me when she gave up housekeeping, and moved into her assisted living apartment.


  1. They are both beautiful! I agree, I couldn't pick one favorite. What a treasure to have from your mother.

  2. The black and gold is stunning, photo and teacups.

  3. What a great tea art and teacup pairing! I like the set on the left the best because I'm partial to scallop-shaped things, but the ornate gilding on the set on the right makes it quite elegant as well!


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