Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another Royal Park Hotel Tea Experience

Today I'm sharing photos of my April 4, 2008 Afternoon Tea experience at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, MI.  Amanda was their tea director at the time, but I didn't get a photograph of her.  

The table was set and awaiting my arrival.  As you can see, the linen tablecloth was dark blue with a white napkin - a more gender neutral setting, although most of their Afternoon Tea guests are probably female.

Clotted cream and lemon curd were ready and waiting for the scones, as well as a plate with three small jars of preserves. 

They used clear glass teapot warmers, which matched their clear glass teapots, and a vase of fresh flowers adorned the table.  Amada told me when Sheila's Tea Room closed [which was also located in downtown Rochester] they purchased her teapots and dishes.  The china teapots were used during my recent June 27th visit.  

Champagne Flute of Sparkling Cider

Photo of the three tier server laden with delicious savories and desserts that was already on the table when I was seated.   The center plate is empty because she brought warm scones out separately - currant and raspberry/white chocolate.  I noticed the savories and desserts are in reverse order on the server during this visit with the savories on the top, and the desserts on the bottom.   Aren't the savories supposed to be on the bottom?

The silver, covered sugar bowl contained a mix of white and brown cubes.  It's a nice touch to include both.  There was also a dish with a silver domed cover that held lemon pieces.

This is the only time I can ever remember going to Afternoon Tea by myself.  I much prefer the company of others.  The photo below shows the clear glass teapots that were used.  While the china teapots are pretty, I like seeing the tea, and feel the clear glass teapots are more gender neutral.  When you go out to tea, what kind of teapot do you prefer, china or clear glass?  Do tell!  Teapot warmers weren't used during my recent visit, and we did notice the tea cooled down before we could drink it.  

The tea began with a Greek salad, and four small, warm spinach quiches.  This was the first time I had ever seen an hors d' oeuvres course as a prelude to the Afternoon Tea meal, and I really liked it.

The savory tea sandwiches were:  Thin slices of cucumber on white bread;  shrimp on toasted wheat squares; smoked salmon roulade; crostini of pureed egg salad and tomato salsa; roast beef puff; and chicken salad in a pastry cup.  With the exception of the roast beef puff, everything was open-faced which helps to prevent dryness.

The desserts were:  chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse;  fruit tarts; a square of carrot cake; a lemon tart; and a jumbo chocolate covered strawberry.

A delightful Afternoon Tea!


  1. That does look delightful! I have never seen glass teapots but I think it would be fun to be able to see the tea inside. I do wish we lived close enough to go to tea together, what fun we would have!

  2. Lovely! I find myself really drawn to bold colors in the tea room.

  3. Thanks for sharing this tea experience with your readers. I agree with you, the savories should be on the bottom tier, a common mistake I have seen many times. Good for you, having tea by yourself. I had an afternoon tea one time by myself, and it gave me lots of quiet time to reflect, analyze the food and tea, and take photos. I noticed many restaurants and hotels are not using lighted candles these days. They have gone to battery ones on dining tables for decorations. I wonder if it is a fire-safety thing?

  4. I am really enjoying all your tea outings! A few years ago I went to Disney World with my son and family. I took the bus by myself to the Grand Floridan hoping to have tea there. They would not take me without a reservation. I was so sad! I've never had tea in a clear pot but had tea in a press a couple of times. My favorite is a pretty teapot. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a lovely tea. Sometimes I do just enjoy having tea with just me, but then many of my friends are not into tea. My husband likes to go sometimes, but sometimes I just love the quietness of alone time. What tea pot, well probably glass as you stated. It is nice to see what is going on in the pot when served in a tearoom. At home I don't mind china or pottery because I made the tea.

  6. Thank you for sharing! Such a lovely afternoon tea!


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