Wednesday, May 29, 2013

E-bay Deliveries

I don't go on E-bay often, because whenever I do, I always find things I want!  It's fun when the bidding isn't contested, and winning an item is a sure thing.  It's even more fun when the item arrives in the mail!   I received two such packages yesterday, so I'm sharing them with you today.

Ever since my visit to Holland, MI I've been drawn to Delftware and windmills, so I went on E-bay to see what items were listed.

Two 6 x 6 hand painted Delft tiles from Holland caught my eye.  They were reasonably priced, with reasonable shipping, so I bid on them and won the auction.   I want to use them as teapot and hot plate trivets.   I haven't asked my hubby yet, but I'm hoping he'll frame them to protect the edges, and make them prettier for tablescape items.

Won't this teapot be perfect sitting on the windmill trivet?  

I'm not sure how I even came across the item below - a Fitz and Floyd Nutcracker teapot. It isn't the time of year when I typically think about Nutcracker items, but when I saw the teapot listed for only $6.99 [plus shipping], with no bids, I couldn't resist! ;-) Since I like Nutcracker theme teas, I placed the minimum bid, and amazingly won the teapot!

Won't he be cute at a Nutcracker tea party this Christmas?  You can read about my Nutcracker theme tea here.   With E-bay it was Christmas in May!  ;-)

Do you shop E-bay for tea-time items?


  1. What a cute nutcracker teapot! I do love to find things like that on eBay. Most of the time the bids go out of my range but once in a while I find something nobody else is bidding on. Love the Dutch tiles, too. Happy Hunting!

  2. I love your new collection of windmill pieces, and you really scored on the Nutcracker teapot -- the perfect time of year for Christmas shopping on eBay! That's why I try to collect my tea-themed Valentines all year long, so I can get them at bargain prices when no one else is clamoring for them, ha!

  3. What wonderful gifts to yourself. Love the trivet idea with the tiles. No I don't shop EBay, it would be too much of a temptation. Oh no! You and Angela are tempting me for future holidays.

  4. The windmill teapot is very nice, a few additions to your blue and white collection.

  5. Love your Delft tiles! Really beautiful. The teapots are great too.


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