Friday, May 17, 2013

A Tea Themed Mother's Day Present

My hubby surprised me with a Department 56, Dickens Village, Chelsea Market Tea Monger figurine.  I didn't know he knew the piece existed.  She'll be displayed year-round in my curio cabinet.

Aside from my tea angel figurines [which I blogged about here], I don't have a lot of tea-themed figurines, but I'm sharing the collection that I do have in today's post.

Below is a 1995 Boyds Collection piece, called Tea for Four with Sarah and Heather, Elliot, Dolly & Amelia.

A 2000 Boyds Collection piece, called "Prissie, Sissie & Missie... Fixin' Tea for Three."

A 1999 Precious Moments "Mom" figurine, from my sweet daughter!

A "Cameo Girls" head vase - Sasha 1898 "Victorian Tea Party."  It's the only head vase I own.  

A Victorian Lady and Tea Table

A Victorian Couple that stands 17 inches high and 10 inches wide.  I admired them for a long time at the tea room where I used to work, but the owner wasn't ready to sell them.  One day after I was no longer working there, I spotted them in her gift boutique, and promptly purchased them.  It's hard to tell, but the lady is holding a cup and saucer in her hand.

Finishing today's post with two teapot paperweights.

What tea-themed figurines and nick-knacks are in your collection?


  1. What a neat collection you have, Phyllis! Your husband is a keeper; he really knows what you like. That shows a lot of consideration and caring! I adore your Victorian head vase and the four friends too.
    xo Beth

  2. What a fun collection of tea themed figurines.

  3. I don't have any tea themed figurines except my angels...but I LOVE those teapot paperweights. Will have to keep my eyes open for some of those. Your Mother's Day present is just right - smart hubby!

  4. You have such a darling collection! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would say you have quite a nice collection.
    I have two of the angels you mentioned and that is it.

  6. What a great tea themed collection. I love that Cameo Girls head vase.

  7. Hello Phyllis
    I've just commented on the previous tea party post, which I loved and I must say your collection of tea themed items is varied and nice. One of my own favourites are the little silver teapot place card holders I bought years ago - once I shine them up they look really sweet with a card telling what kind of tea is in each pot when I have a party.

  8. Hi Phyllis,
    What a wonderful collection you have! I've been looking for tea themed figurines but they are hard to come by! Thanks for sharing your collection!

  9. How fun to see so many pieces I never knew existed! I guess the closest things I have to figurines are a Mary Englebreit tea-themed bank and a tea table music box with little mice in the teacups. I LOVE your Mother's Day gift -- that is adorable!


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