Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day at Comerica Park

My hubby bought tickets for our family to attend a Detroit Tigers baseball game together on Memorial Day.

Remembering that no tea was available at the stadium last season, I bought some to take to the game.  I knew glass bottles weren't allowed inside the ballpark, but thought disposable, plastic bottles were okay.  I had never tried So Be ready-to-drink tea [by PepsiCo, Inc.], so decided to give their Green Tea a try.  

Imagine my momentary disappointment when the guy at the gate who inspected my bag  told me water bottles were okay, but I'd have to drink the tea outside the park, or throw  them into the trash can before I could enter.  What?  Throw two good bottles of tea away? Thankfully, the man at the gate next to us overheard the instruction, and said to let me enter, tea and all!   

The tea was good, with a citrus taste.  It contains guarana and ginseng, which makes it an energizing drink.

Pansies at Comerica Park entrance.

Main gate at Comerica Park.

Jerry next to the bronze statue of beloved Detroit Tiger announcer, Ernie Harwell.

Tiger carousel inside the ballpark.

Baseball ferris wheel.

Tiger scoreboard

Play ball!   Attendance was 41,416. 

Son, Steve, and daughter-in-law, Sharon.

Granddaughter, Brooke, with sign she made in hopes of TV cameras seeing it.

Granddaughters Brianna, and Marissa.

Granddaughter, Tiffany, and boyfriend, John.

Jerry [Papa] and granddaughter Ellie, in her cute Detroit Tiger outfit.

Daughter Lori, and daughter-in-law, Samantha.

Youngest son, Jeremy, with his 4 year old son, Landon.

Granddaughters Isabella, and Brooke.

After the game got underway, a light rain started falling, and the temperatures began to drop. The rain wasn't heavy enough to delay the game, but the damp, 50 something temps were chilling, so we left at the bottom of the 7th inning.  The Tigers played nine innings and beat the Pirates 6-5.

It was a fun family day even though Mother Nature didn't totally cooperate!  ;-)

[Partial Detroit skyline as seen from the ballpark.]


  1. What a fun way to celebrate, and I enjoyed seeing the ballpark, especially the baseball Ferris wheel! And I'm super glad you got to enjoy that tea!

  2. What a great family outing! Glad they let you take your tea in with you, too. And then your team won! Whoohoo! Even if it did start raining, sounds like a good day altogether.

  3. Looks like a festive family affair. What fun to go to the ball game with the whole family. Glad you were able to take in the tea.


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