Monday, May 20, 2013

Paula Deen's Tea-themed Kitchen Towels

I recently had a wedding shower to attend, and my favorite gift to give to a bride-to-be is a cookbook [probably because I love cookbooks myself].  I selected a Taste of Home cookbook because their recipes are tried, true and delicious, but I needed to add something more to the gift.   Being short on time, I dashed into a nearby K-Mart, and was delighted to find a line of Paula Deen products in the home goods department.

I purchased a matching terrycloth dish towel, dishcloths, and pot scrubber ensemble, and best of all they were tea-themed!  

My hubby and I are friends of the groom-to-be and his family, but I had never previously met his fiancÊe to know her interests and likes.  I was so pleased when the gift was opened to hear her exclaim, "Teacups!  I Love Tea and Teacups!" [A girl after my own heart! ;-)]

If you have a K-Mart nearby check out Paula Deen's tea-themed kitchen towel ensembles.  I chose the brown color scheme for the shower gift... 

but got the avocado green and turquoise color scheme for myself!  ;-)


  1. How cute! Wish we had a K-Mart here. What perfect accessories for a tea lover! I am back, with a new URL for my blog and for Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. I saw those at K-Mart recently, unfortunately they were out of the turquoise/green color which is what I wanted for myself, too. But I will check back, they are indeed cute.

  3. Very cute and a perfect shower gift.

  4. I have the green ones but had not seen the brown ones. Back to Kmart it is!

  5. Those are really very pretty kitchen linen accessories. I love your teal towel as they looks very elegant in design and as well as in colors.
    Thanks for sharing this!!!!


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