Friday, July 5, 2024

4th of July Birthday Celebration

As promised, I'm sharing photos of granddaughter Ellie's 12th birthday yesterday.  Every year her maternal aunt hosts a 4th of July gathering at her home [she has a huge backyard with a pool and all kinds of play equipment for children], and a birthday celebration for Ellie and her two twin cousins who have July 6th birthdays are part of the festivities.  The yard is better equipped and more private than going to a park.

~ Ellie and her Dad ~

Grandson, Landon, is 15 years old and almost as tall as his 6' 4" dad!  

Opening presents is always the fun part of a birthday celebration.  Ellie has 18 first cousins on her maternal side of the family, and most of them were at the gathering.  That's cousin Stella curiously waiting to see what's inside Ellie's package.

~ Ellie with Dad and Mom ~

Cake Time!

After the fireworks last night they came over to our house to spend the night before heading back home to Zeeland this morning.  It was a fun day.

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