Thursday, February 8, 2024

More February Happenings

I received many Facebook messages, texts, emails, phone calls and cards for my birthday. Thank you one and all!   I received enough money in birthday gifts to buy myself a new food processor, and am looking forward to going shopping for one.

Two cards were tea-themed and one was beautifully handmade.  I used it to thank everyone on my Facebook page.   Beautiful work, Lois!

Yesterday I drove down to my hometown area to have lunch with my high school girlfriends at Angelina's - a Mexican restaurant.  One of the girls brought an 8-count box of Hostess cupcakes for my birthday and we each had one for dessert.  It was a fun outing on another beautiful day with temperatures in the high 40's.

Today I'm knee-deep in a project for The Whitney, but will close this post with another tea-themed bathroom.   If you enjoyed the teapot shower photo, here's one with teacup bathtubs. Who knew these were available for tea lovers!  ;-)

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  1. Continue the celebrations - it’s birthday season! I saw the pictures of the teacup tubs also and thought they’d go with that teapot shower. Neither one in my house, however.


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