Friday, November 24, 2023

Post Thanksgiving Day [Black Friday]

As I type this post I'm wondering how many of you are either out shopping for Black Friday deals or staying in the comforts of your home doing your shopping online.

I'm not doing either, but I am enjoying a nice quiet day at home, leisurely sipping tea.  

We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving yesterday at our son Steve and Sharon's house. There were 11 of us.  Grandaughter, Brianna, was home from Nashville, plus Sharon's parents and a young man from church who would've been home alone if Steve hadn't invited him to join us

Sharon always enjoys decorating for the holidays and their house was very festive.  The Detroit Lions football game on the TV above the fireplace was a loser - the Green Bay Packers won 29 to 22.

~ Jerry and Sharon ~

 ~ Brianna, Brooke and Me ~

After our dinner had settled, it was time for dessert, which Lori provided.  She just returned on Wednesday from a week in California visiting Tiffany, John, Evie and Juliette, who sent their Thanksgiving greetings.

Following dessert it was game time.  First we played Sequence...

Then a new game [to us], 'Watch Ya Mouth'.  Each player wore a mouth piece [retractor] that distorted their speech.  They had one minute to read a quote while the other players tried to guess what they were saying.   It was hilarious, but Jerry and I sat this one out.  Dave was a good sport letting Steve take his picture.  Steve wondered if a dentist or dental hygentist created this game.  Can you believe it was a number one best seller on Amazon?!   

While we were playing games, Jeremy checked in from Zeeland to extend their Thanksgiving greetings.  They had just sat down to their dinner.

I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and/or friends.

Tomorrow [Saturday] won't be quite so leisure for me.  When I called The Whitney they told me 160 guests are coming for tea.  It will be a busy day!

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  1. Fun times with family! (I have seen that mouthpiece game played, and I sat it out, too!)


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