Friday, May 26, 2023

White House Menus

Since this is a patriotic weekend, I thought it would be fun to share two books in my library - one which just arrived in today's mail.

Those who know me and have followed my blog, know I like history and cooking - not particularly in that order.  I'm a subscriber to Anne Byrn's weekly newsletter, Between the Layers [she's authored several books but is probably best known for The Cake Mix Doctor].  Her May 9th article featured Alex Prud'Homme's book, Dinner With the President.  [He is Julia Child's great nephew by marriage and coauthored My Life in France with her.]  The book sounded so good, I ordered it.  

I haven't had a chance to delve into it yet, but I'm impressed just by reading the dust cover which states food is not just fuel... it's a tool of communication. Some of the most significant moments in American history have occurred over meals.  Anne Byrn says food is a connector.  I agree and it doesn't just apply to US Presidents.  It's at the core of hospitality, be it family and/or friends.

I can hardly wait to see if tea is in the book beyond the Boston Tea Party.  Surely it must be!

The second book has been on my bookshelf longer, The Original White House Cookbook 1887 Edition [mine is a reproduced 1999 edition].  

It has a chapter dedicated to coffee, tea, and beverages.  For being written in 1887 some of the instructions still hold true today, such as warming the pot first before steeping tea in it.  A Chinese interviewee for the book said to drink tea plain without the addition of milk or sugar because tea-brokers and tea-tasters, never do, epicures never do, and the Chinese never do!  It's true additives do alter the taste of tea.

I only have one piece of reproduced Presidential china by Woodmere China Company and it's a cup and saucer in the pattern Mary Todd Lincoln bought for the White House when her husband was in office.  

President Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address at the dedication of Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Our nation had not yet begun to celebrate Memorial Day when he delivered it, but there are many connections between him and the national holiday we will be celebrating on Monday. 


Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day... 

As we honor those who served and fought for our country - who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  We remember their bravery and selfless service to our country, and we offer our sincerest thanks and gratitude.   God bless all who serve in our Armed Forces.


  1. An important day to observe and remember.

  2. Oops a anonymous is me again!


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