Friday, May 13, 2022

Hat! Hats! Hats!

I was contacted the beginning of April to do a presentation for a local Catholic ladies group, and the date was Wednesday, May 11th.  Even though I've done three hat presentations previously, I wanted this program to be current, so I wrote completely new presentation notes.

My hubby went with me to load and unload his car and to be my official photographer.  The ladies were kind and very attentative, and I enjoyed my afternoon with them.  

Zora, co-chair of the women's group and contact person.  The teacups on the table were hers for ladies who didn't bring a teacup.

~ Setting up ~

It was a good size group.

Floating teacups were the centerpieces.

My hat collection minus some left at home.  I divided hats into three main categories, dressy [summer and winter], functional, and whimsical [holidays].  I took one ethnic hat - an Asian tea plucker's hat.

Of all the ladies that attended only five came wearing a hat.  I wonder if dressy hats will ever make a strong comeback?  Do you wear a dressy hat to church or when you go to tea?  I was the only person who wore a dress.  We live in a very casual society.

I covered a broad range of hat topics during my 40-45 minute presentation.

Including the fact that Hillary Clinton was the last First Lady to wear a hat at her husband's inauguration in 1993.

And Princess Beatrice's outlandish fascinator that she wore to Prince William and Kate's wedding. It was dubbed 'deer antlers' or worse yet, 'the toilet seat'!  She redeemed herself by auctioning if off to charity afterwards.  It sold for $130,341.00  Seriously???

After packing up all my hats, I went home and made lasagna roll-ups to take to granddaughter Tiffany's house yesterday for lunch.  Next post...


  1. What a wonderful tea party. I certainly would have enjoyed attending if I were in your area. I was surprised to hear you were the only one wearing a dress. I do agree that people have become much more relaxed about dressing up. I would have loved the chance to dress up and to wear a dress; especially to attend a tea. The floating teacup centerpieces are very pretty!

  2. What a nice presentation. Some of those fascinators the Royals wear are strange. Thank you for sharing .
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  3. I'm sure the ladies enjoyed your presentation. To see even part of your hat collection is a treat. I rarely wear hats but for a special occasion like this, I'd enjoy wearing one.


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