Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Return Visit and Pinwheel Scones

On December 30th, my hubby and I traveled to Imlay City for an estate sale at the Charles Palmer house [now owned by someone else].  You may remember my blog post about it where I purchased a few Crinoline Lady china pieces.

I received a follow-up e-mail from Aaron's Estate Sales saying they were having a Second Weekend Sale at the Palmer House and everything would be 50% off.  Pictures showed the dining room table still filled with Crinoline Lady china.  

I had to work on Saturday so was unavailable that day, but Imlay City isn't too far from our church, so we decided to drive there after church on Sunday.  

When we got there a sign stated everything was 60% off.  As before, I headed straight for the dining room.  There weren't many shoppers in the house when we arrived and nobody was in the dining room so I quickly took a picture of the table to share.  Dishes were also in two china cabinets and a side board.  As before, I limited my choices, and ended up only buying six bowls and seven plates [two large and five small].  With 60% off, my bill was $32.

Below is a picture of my Crinoline Lady "stash".  The deceased lady can rest assured I will take very good care of her treasures.  I'm anxious to use the dishes in a tablescape.  This paragraph and picture is actually a postscript written today 1/12/2022.  Aaron's Estate Sale added one more day to the sale which they called a "Blow-out Sale" lasting only four hours, and it was today.  Everything was 70% off.  I debated about going back a third time, but decided to go.  As you can see in the photo, I got a large pitcher, cream and sugar set, salt and pepper shakers, five dinner plates and a cake stand.  It was definitely worth the third visit!  Now I'm done.  ;-)

In my research I discovered Carlton Ware [UK pottery] made Crinoline Lady napkin rings in the 1930's, but they are pricy so it's unlikely I'll be getting any of them, but it's fun making all these Crinoline Lady discoveries.  Aren't they pretty?  I wish a company would reproduce them.

[Internet Photos]

I finally made the pinwheel scones in the Sweet Shalom cookbook I purchased last July. They were good, but not the texture I was hoping for, so today I baked a recipe from King Arthur Flour.  I'm getting closer to what I want, but still not there yet.  I drank my tea out of a Crinoline Lady teacup and ate the scone from a coordinating plate this morning.

Pinwheel scones are so unique and I haven't found them in any of my tearoom cookbooks except Sweet Shalom.  Have you ever made pinwheel scones?

It's very cold in Michigan today, so a good day to stay in and sip hot tea and eat scones!


  1. I'm glad you were able to get some more Crinoline Lady pieces, and at a good price, too. The napkin rings are darling, if I ever see any I will snap them up for you. I'm not familiar with pinwheel scones but I'm sure they are delicious. Enjoy!

  2. That pattern is lovely! We wanted to go to that estate sale but came down with Covid (vaxed and boostered)! We used to live in Dryden but now in Davisburg, near Holly.

  3. Happy New Year! I am so happy that you found more Crinoline Lady china! It is lovely when we find more treasures of something we have been collecting. I have never seen pinwheel scones before. They look buttery and I am curious. Wonder what's in them? Have a wonderful January!

  4. A few years ago I made Cinnamon Praline Scones which are rolled and then sliced, creating a pinwheel. They were tasty, and pretty, but certainly not your typical scone. I noted on the recipe that they were 'different'. I think I've only served them once.


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