Monday, September 20, 2021

Autumn and Apples Tea at The Whitney

I've been absent from my blog for awhile.  I was happy to attend the first service in our new church building on September 12th and have all my family together for the occasion.  After church we went out to dinner together and it was a wonderful day.

On Tuesday I began to feel like I was coming down with a cold and by Wednesday I was down for the count with a very busy weekend looming ahead!  COVID19 and the Delta variant always come to mind when one gets sick these days, but I had no fever, no sore throat, and no lung congestion - just a very stuffy nose/sinuses accompanied by a cough.  With rest, cold medication, lots of hot tea, and prayers for a quick recovery, I rebounded enough to go to work on Saturday. Late in the afternoon my hubby delivered the apple basket favors to the restaurant, reclaiming our family room.  I was glad to  cross the project off my to do list.

I don't normally work on Sundays, but my boss asked me weeks ago if I could be at the Autumn and Apples tea.  It was one of 13 events centered around Cityfest.  It was a beautiful 80 degree day, so the event was held outside on the newly-built deck in the mansion garden.  The honeybees joined us too, but they harmed no one.  Guests also received a bottle of Apple Cider from Parmenter's Cider Mill in Northville.

Angie and Kristin were two of the servers at the tea, and I didn't get a photo of John.

 Kristin and me wearing the apple apron I bought for the tea.

I introduced the new tea that will be featured throughout fall - Apple Cinnamon Black Tea.  The feedback was very good.  Cocktails using the tea paired with bourbon and apple cider were served to guests along with Mimosas upon arrival, so everyone left feeling happy!  ;-)

Scones began the tea meal - apple and blueberry.  I snapped a picture in the kitchen while they were being plated.

Following the scones was the fruit course - apples, raspberries and chantilly cream.

I took a picture of Angie as she was bringing the tiered server out from the kitchen.  A special apple menu was created for the tea.

Three ladies who attended last year's tea returned this year.  Joel provided background music on the electronic keyboard while the guests dined, and at the conclusion of the tea Dave Duey [Director of Operations and my boss] took the guests on a tour of the mansion.  It was a lovely event that everyone in attendance enjoyed.   Farewell to Cityfest 2021!


  1. Oh, that special Autumn and Apples event looks amazing, and I'm glad you felt well enough to take part. And congratulations on the inaugural worship service in your new church building. Stay safe and well!

  2. That really looks outstanding! I know that feeling to of crossing something off a list but there always seems to be a new list. Glad you are feeling better!


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