Thursday, June 10, 2021

This Week's Happenings

Last Tuesday I made the drive 'downriver' to my hometown to have lunch with six of the gals I went to high school with.  The husband of one of the gals is in Hospice Care with stage IV lung cancer.  I thought she could use some cheering up so I made her a care basket [tea, mug, Walker's shortbread, beverage napkins, and a 'promise book' with uplifting scriptures from the Bible.]

When I was in the store selecting items for the basket, I saw a commemorative tin of tea with Queen Elizabeth's picture on it, so it went in my shopping cart too.

Yesterday morning [Wednesday] when I was looking at estate sale photos I saw a sale in nearby Sterling Heights [less than five miles away].  The photos showed several teacups including two black ones, so hubby and I decided to drive over for something to do.  We got there around 1:00 o'clock when the buyer's rush was over.  When we got inside I discovered it was the home of a lady who owned a gift shop I used to visit - Foregone Treasures by Arleen Ann.  She closed her shop in 2015 and a lot of merchandise from the shop was in the estate sale.

I bought one black German Bavarian teacup and left the other one from Occupied Japan behind.

She had a price tag on the bottom from her shop of $68.  I'm glad the estate sale reduced it to $10 because I wouldn't have paid her price.

But what really made me happy was finding a glass shamrock dish for $3.  Three down and three to go!  I think I'll reach my goal by next St. Paddy's Day.

Afterwards we went to White Castle for some hamburger sliders.   We haven't been there in a few years and it sounded good.  It's a place your digestive tract won't allow you to visit too often since they're notorious for heartburn. ;-)  We washed them down with big glasses of unsweetened iced tea.  June is National Iced Tea Month, and today is National Iced Tea Day.

I ordered a book titled, The Corner, for my son, Steve, and two mothproof storage bags, and both arrived this week.  I can hardly wait to give the book to Steve.  The Corner refers to Michigan and Trumbull Avenues in Detroit where the old Detroit Tiger baseball stadium used to be.

I sent Steve to an estate sale last week in search of some baseball cards.  It was his first estate sale ever.  He didn't find any baseball cards he wanted, but said he got a great sermon illustration: Don't be consumed with material possessions because you're going to die and leave them all behind and strangers will come and rummage through everything you treasured.   How true!

The mothproof storage bags are for the wool suit and mink wrap I recently acquired that came from J.L. Hudson's Department Store.  I hope they'll be safe from moths for many years in these zippered sweater bags made of natural, breathable canvas with a see-through plastic top.

And last but certainly not least, a sweet lady from church gave me a cute teapot shaped mail or file holder - or possibly a spice rack - and a teacup candle.  Thanks, Lisa.  They're so cute.

It's been a fun week and tomorrow will be the frosting on the cake.  [Next post]

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  1. I love your care basket idea, I need to remember it! I'm glad you could get together with your high school friends. You had some good "finds" this week, too! Have a great weekend.


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