Monday, July 13, 2020

July Activities

Last Friday my hubby and I drove to Chelsea, MI so Jerry could install a platform he made for grandson Landon's Lacrosse rebounder net - LAX is his latest sport.

Saturday is the new Sunday for us while we're sharing a church building until our's is completed.  We left a few minutes early for church so we could drive by the church property to see what progress was made this past week.  The shingles weren't on the roof yet, but the portico over the main entrance was built.

When we got to church Steve and Jerry's shirts coordinated so I had to take a father/son photo.

On Sunday, for fresh air and a little exercise, we went to the Utica Outdoor Antique Show. The two-day event [Saturday and Sunday] is held three times a year [May, July and September].  The May show was cancelled due to COVID-19, but the July show was well attended.  

We viewed all the vendor's tents in about two hours, but nothing tempted me, and I came home empty-handed.

Now for a little poll... Do you shop for clothing online or mail order catalogues?  I like to see what I'm purchasing in person, and try it on.  But two of my favorite brick and mortar stores permanently closed [Dress Barn and Carson's], then the COVID-19 quarantine temporarily closed down all the rest.  While planning for an upcoming trip, I decided to try ordering from two catalogues that came in the mail - Draper's & Damon's and Serengeti.  

Shipping takes a long time these days which they blame on COVID-19.  My Draper & Damon's order finally arrived, but I'm still waiting on the one from Serengeti.

I was ready to sing their praises.  Their sizing is accurate, and I was pleased with the quality of the green outfit when I wore it recently.  But when I unwrapped the red & white stripped top today, I found a sizeable hole in the sleeve.  GRRRRR.....  They will exchange it, but I have to repackage it and take it to the post office, and wait another two to three weeks for the replacement. That's the downside of not being able to see merchandise before purchasing it.  We're told many brick and mortar stores are closing because people prefer shopping online.  Just curious to know your preference.  Restocking and return shipping fees for items you don't like or that don't fit properly are also downside reasons for me.

On a happier subject, the month of July has three family birthdays for us.  Granddaughters Ellie and Tiffany both have birthdays as well as daughter-in-law, Samantha.  Below are some birthday pics of Tiffany and her sweet girls, Evie and Juliette, that her husband John posted.

Be safe and stay well!


  1. I always liked to try on clothes. I am short and I think things hang differently on short people. That being said, since Covid, I have shopped online. I had some gift cards from Christopher Banks and I have been very happy with the items I have received. Fortunately I have not had to return any items.

    Originally I and my best friend since grade school were joining a bus trip to New York City in September which included a performance of Hamilton. I bought a Tiffany blue purse from Vera Bradley and was putting together a wardrobe to match. March 7 I fell and severely fractured my arm and the trip was my goal to work toward in healing. Of course the trip has been cancelled (not even postponed, but cancelled) which did not stop me. I think I am set to go - where ever and when ever a trip is possible!

  2. Love the "father-son twinning" photo! And what fun to go to an outdoor antique show, even if just to get out and walk around and see different things. Good luck with your new clothes. Since shopping in my area is limited at best, and my mobility is improving but still not the greatest, I shop online a good bit. I've been very pleased with clothing ordered from QVC, although until I tried it I never thought I'd say that! I have friends who order from Talbots and Ann Taylor regularly, too. It's the way we shop at least during COVID.

  3. And a big "Happy Birthday" to your July birthday girls!


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