Friday, June 5, 2020

Life Goes on During Covid-19

Michigan's governor is gradually opening up our state and announced today that beauty parlors and barber shops [and other businesses] can reopen on June 15th.  Yahoo!!  The last time my hair was colored was January 29th, and my last haircut was February 28th. To say I'm ready is an understatement!

I went to The Whitney today to get some supplies for the gift baskets I'll be assembling for the Tea for Two To-Go promotion when it's ready for implementation.  I have an update for local readers. My boss informed me that we won't begin serving Afternoon Tea until mid-September.  It's been very hard for management to make definite plans when news changes every day. My best advice is to keep checking The Whitney website for the most current information.

In the meantime, the wheels have begun to turn for the Tea for Two To-Go promotion.  I've been sitting at my desk folding napkins for the gift baskets [with a tutorial before me], and took a brief break to type this post.

My family's having fun in the sun and posted these pictures on Facebook today.  They're all happy the quarantine is being relaxed.  Steve, Sharon, Brooke and a girlfriend are vacationing in New Hampshire.  Sharon will celebrate her 50th birthday there this Sunday.  They love the movie "What About Bob", so it was a fun place for them to visit. 

~ Brooke and Riley ~

Flume Gorge in New Hampshire.  The stream and covered bridge look so peaceful.  Much different from the big city protest coverage that we see on our televisions.

Daughter-in-law, Samantha, posted this photo of her and Landon at Silver Lake in Michigan today.

Another summer activity for the grands.

Below is the newest picture on the progress of our church building.  The plumbing is completed and the next step will be pouring the floor.

New sign my hubby and another man from church placed on the property of our temporary location.  We will begin worshipping there next week - June 13th.  Attending church on Saturdays will be different, but it's only short term.

Be safe and stay well!


  1. I recently saw a Clara J's Tea Room in Maumee, Ohio is offering a picnic tea. It comes with a picnic basket packed with goodies, a thermos of hot or cold tea and a blanket to sit on! You pick up the bundle from their porch with a deposit on the basket/thermos/blanket which you get back when you return the items to the porch.

    Tea Ladies are so creative!

  2. Wow, sounds like you have been quite busy! Love the lake shots with your family, and I'm hoping for a vacation myself before too long. Good for them, and Happy 50th to Sharon!

  3. Looks like a fun vacation! And it's exciting about your church construction. We've been taping our church services on Fridays, which has really messed up my perception of what day it is! But as you say, it is short term.


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